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Weird And A Little Worrying

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#1 SEOigloo


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Posted 14 October 2006 - 03:26 PM

Greetings All,
I hope I've chosen the right category, but if I haven't, I'd be obliged to a mod for moving it. Thank you.

Today, one of my clients, an e-commerce company, received an order. The odd thing was that the email on the order was:

I know that, legally, I'm sure a person can have the personal part of their email address be anything they want. I could be presidentoftheunitedstates@mydomain.com. But, the client was puzzled and confused as to why this customer is using the company's domain name as the beginning of their email.

So, I went and took a look at worry-free.net and see that it appears to be a web services company. Somehow, this made me feel even more puzzled. I suppose a completely above-board reason for the customer doing this would be that they were placing an order from work and wanted to set up a separate address through which to buy something from my client (though this seems like a lot of trouble to go through to spend a couple of dollars). However, I did want to get an answer for my client, and tried to look at the 4 links in their nav that deal with contact information. But, all 4 pages were broken. There is no way to contact the company. I don't know why, but it's making me feel uneasy.

Has anyone any experience with this? Why do you think someone would do this? I would greatly appreciate your counsel in trying to address this matter.
Kind Regards,

#2 JohnMu


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Posted 14 October 2006 - 03:38 PM

Hi Miriam

I do that from time to time: I have a catch-all email setup for some of my domains so I can use any name I want. If I'm just a tiny bit worried that someday the site I'm accessing is going to sell my mail address, I'll tag it with their domain name (or just a number, a shortcut, etc). That way I can trace any mail I get for that domain back to the site I originally used that address for. If I should get spam on that specific mail address, I can just block that specific one, complain to the website I used it at and be done with it.

If I did not have a catchall domain, I would use some of the free mail services out there. There are some that allow you to tag addresses in a similar way. Otherwise you could just set up a freemail address with a forwarder to your real address.

Hope it helps :-)


#3 Black_Knight


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Posted 14 October 2006 - 03:50 PM

We see the same here often, where people will use cre8asite@theirdomain as their email, just to help them sort/filter their emails I believe. As John said, I often use a 'tracking' email address so that if any company does sell my details, I know exactly which one it was (and thus which one to consider a law suit against :)).

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