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Big Media -> Big Fail -> Sad Comedy

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 02:19 PM

I ran across How news organizations can sell sponsored content without lowering their standards by Jeff Sonderman, Pointer, 18-January-2013, just before I saw Donna's tweet...great minds bookmark the same sites :)

In summary it is about bringing magazine type advertising to the web - the news media portion that is - ala informercials, full page display ads, et al. The sentence that sums it up is Welcome to the brave new world of sponsored content.

The problem facing these sites is that they still have a serious problem 'getting it' - let alone getting it right - as was recently shown by the Atlantic's Scientology debacle covered by Poynter in Atlantic President: Our error was ‘in the execution’ of the Scientology campaign by Julie Moos, 19-January-2013.

I won't get into Google and other SEs normal attitude to ads, sponsored content et al because as we know such rules differ from small to medium to large enterprises, from vertical to industry to niche ad nauseum.

Further, although you may not know it, they are a decade late to the game and don't know the rules. How do I know? Because what they are currently fumbling is what I and others have been doing for that period as direct ads - but always behind robots.txt exclusions, with meta noindex for SEs that 'happen' to miss that no trespassing notice, and hard kick in the buttocks 403s when said bots are noticed where they aren't welcome.

Yup, all this and much more has been going on behind 'closed' doors for over a decade. The participating advertisers know of course but if they mentioned it to the big media organisations they forgot to mention the rules that make the game work. It is both sad and quite hilarious watching these lumbering giants drop the banana peels that they'll eventually slip on and fall... It's not rocket science, it's not even secret although it is quietly privately held information. Too bad they don't have people capable of basic research...

Similarly, the media moguls might want to buy a few lunches with some of the top individual affiliate webdevs...and stop re-inventing the wheel. Sad really, fortunately I have a fresh bowl of popcorn and the physical comedyand melodrama doesn't look even close to being over.

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 08:36 PM

I saw the bit about Atlantic and the advertising flub on CNN. I dislike ads tremendously because of how they're placed and chosen by sites, especially the so-called famous brands who should know better. The demand for revenue outweighs the logic of the advertisement or sponsored content topic, and nobody seems to be behind the wheel making sure there's any logic in the presentation or timing of it.

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