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Bored Metrics

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#1 glyn


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Posted 29 October 2014 - 02:42 AM

What kind of metrics would you use to detemine whether or not your visitors are bored or frustrated? I am trying to isolate the impact of page load time on user behaviour.



#2 bobbb


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Posted 29 October 2014 - 09:45 AM

I only have one for frustrated. 10 seconds and there better be something on my screen I can read/want.

Unless you have the answer as to how they get the caramel into the caramilk I'm out. You may not get that commercial in Italy so ignore this.


For bored: if I have trouble detecting what is info and what is advertisement.


Another on the frustrating annoying but not enough get out are pages that change while you are reading due to rendering and CDNs I guess.

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#3 test-ok


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Posted 29 October 2014 - 10:28 PM

to detemine whether or not your visitors are bored or frustrated


tough question to answer.

I'd use the traffic volume numbers, (new users and returning visitors) and if traffic is going up, I wouldn't worry about it.

If it's going down, the problem might not be bored or frustrated users, but as simple as your rankings falling, then it's probably a lot more than bored and frustrated users.

#4 cre8pc


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Posted Yesterday, 10:47 AM

Every landing page has 5 to 10 seconds to:


1. verify that it matches the description from the search engine query that brought the user there

2. verify that it is exactly the content the user expected to find 

3. communicates brand (who is the site)

4. communicates who the site is for (is it for me?)

5. communicates it has what the user came for, wants, desires, expects

6. Main task is obvious, easy to find, easy to use

7. communicates competitive value (why should I stay?)

8. Is easy to see and read, (no distractions)

9. Has a path for return users that is clearly marked for them


Boredom Causes


1. Poor grammar

2. Uninteresting content - text, headings, subheadings, anchor text, images, videos  

3. Product images that are uninspired, poor quality photos, badly modeled, no views, no descriptions

4. Color choices - be aware of color blind users

5. Out of date, not updated


Frustration Causes


1. Distractions - sliders, animation, placement and size of video

2. Ads

3. Page layout

4. Inability to locate calls to action

5. Inability to locate tasks

6. Poor color contrasts - can't read or see content

7. No white space - page elements are squished together

8. Redundant calls to action, content

9. Poor navigation

10. Users unable to understand the terms used in the content

11. Do not meet basic accessibility compliance standards

12. Site is not responsive design 


Load time test



Page load time is not always something you can control, especially for mobile users who are in areas where there is a poor signal.


Metrics tell part of the story but most of the real reasons for site abandonment are related to the above.  Remember that everyone develops habits and when they come to a site that puts something somewhere unexpected, they have to re-learn this new thing.  Cognitive behavior is not in a metric either.  Some people don't remember things well.  Analytics will not tell you about the user experience of someone trying to make a purchase on a noisy moving train on the commute to work.

#5 glyn


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Posted Today, 06:36 AM

Thanks for sharing this checklist Kim.

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