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Marketing: The Final Frontier

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Posted 24 February 2015 - 10:42 PM

There is an entire universe of marketing of which most webdevs are oblivious. Perhaps because it is concerned with the development and use of quantifiable concepts and quantitative tools to better understand marketplace behaviour and it's effects.  :banana_wgun:

Not Google, not SEO, not links...
But econometrics, economics, psychology, sociology, statistics...

Not tools for rank checking, keyword whatever, link whatever...
Rather tools for:
* aggregate response (marketing mix...)
* choice models (conjoint analysis, discrete choice, stochastic models...)
* customer lifetime value (loyalty...)
* customer satisfaction (service quality...)
* game theory (channel structure...)
* perceptual mapping (factor analysis, multidimensional scaling...)
* segmentation (cluster analysis, latent class segmentation...)
* etc.

Webdevs know of Rae Hoffman, Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall... of Matt Cutts, John Mueller...
How about:
* Chevalier and Mayzlin (on WOM)
* Fiebig, Keane, Louviere, and Wasi (on research methodology/choice)
* Guadagni and Little (on brand choice)
* Green and Srinivasan (on conjoint-analysis)
* Hauser and Shugan (Defender model)
* Peres, Muller, and Mahajan (on diffusion/innovation)
* Reinartz, Haenlein, and Henseler (on research methodology/SEM)
* Silk and Urban (Assessor model)
* Vargo and Lusch (on marketing theory)
* etc.

Some webdevs are familiar with A/B and multivariate testing, personas...
How about:
* data augmentation techniques
* Hierarchical Bayes modelling
* maximum difference (MaxDiff) scaling
* menu-based choice (MBC) modelling
* etc.

Most/all webdevs are familiar with link building, content management...
How about:
* channel strategy, design, and monitoring
* customer value assessment and maximisation; acquisition, retention, and relationship management
* pricing decisions
* product/service, development, diffusion, and management; multi-product/service and portfolio strategies
* targeting decisions
* etc.

Marketing: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the enterprising webdev. Their mission: to explore strange new markets, to seek out new audiences and new customers, to boldly go where no SEO has gone before.

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