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What Are Your Thoughts On Live-Streaming Apps?

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#1 WebOutGateway


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Posted Yesterday, 03:27 AM

Periscope, Meerkat, etc.


Many are saying that it's the future of journalism. I don't know if I'll agree with that. I just saw an interview where the guy said people might use it to broadcast inappropriate shenanigans, which is very true.


What do you think?

#2 Grumpus


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Posted Yesterday, 07:26 AM

Probably not - at least not for a while. Everything is moving to the on-demand model. Even the nightly 6:00 news is available on demand nowadays. So, if anything the trend is moving away from "live" and "time slotted" video, not toward it.


As far as videos themselves (that you can watch anytime) I think we've probably got nearly a decade before they completely dominate the news scene - and even then, I suspect a new technology will be developed. (I know what I think it will be, but I won't go into the boring details). The problem with videos are that they don't work well with the "exactly what I want, exactly when I want it" model. The younger generation is embracing it a bit more than we old fuddy duddies, though (probably because no one is really taught how to read very well anymore, but that's another rant for another day). As a group, the users still seem to want to be able to scan, click on an article, scan the article to see if it's interesting, and then (and only then) will they actually read the article from start to finish. With this method, you can look at all the news headlines (or whatever), figure out which ones MAY be interesting and then figure out which ones actually ARE interesting in a matter of moments.


The video model makes it a lot harder because if you scan through it, you get no indicators of whether or not it is actually interesting to you. It is even more difficult if you are looking at a long newscast that may be covering several different stories, but you're only interested in one of them.

Ultimately, we'll probably see a combination of the two as we've been seeing lately - with an article, a transcript (or at least a partial transcript) and maybe some commentary paired with a video. If the article interests you, then it's more likely that the video will interest you too, and the user will watch it.

As I mentioned above, the younger generation is more likely to go for a video version of an article and the older ones will go for the article (and maybe watch a video after they've read/scanned the article). So as time goes by, videos will be in more demand and written copy will be in less demand, but something needs to happen in order to make videos searchable (which is possible, but not very practical at this point). Once that happens, the written word might soon be taught alongside Latin and other dead languages, with people relying on verbal and visual communication almost exclusively.

NOTE: I'm talking about journalism and that sort of thing here. If we're talking about online learning courses, corporate meetings, and things like that, it's a whole other story.



#3 Nny777


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Posted Yesterday, 07:28 AM

I'm only just hearing bits about Periscope but it sounds a bit like Hang W/. I got that because I backed an IndieGoGo campaign and it was kinda cool that I could get live updates from the people I supported about the project, but I rarely caught them as they were live.


I think Periscope's been used already to pirate the big fight last night. It will probably be useful for that kind of crowd sourced "journalism" but I don't know if it'll effect things all that much.


Personally I don't like having to react to anything on my phone immediately, I like being able to check things later if I need to, so this kind of app probably just isn't for me.

#4 bobbb


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Posted Yesterday, 08:55 AM

probably because no one is really taught how to read very well anymore, but that's another rant for another day

Wonder if it will get to a point where people won't know how to read anymore and we will be back to the medieval times when only scribes could do that. :)

#5 WebOutGateway


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Posted Yesterday, 09:58 PM

Thank you for your replies. I really think that to some extent it will be used to scoop up some interesting news or whatever. I feel like live-streaming apps are just a couple of viral videos away from catching the eye of a bigger audience.

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