Web Design and Human Emotion

Different types of web sites make us feel something, including humor (some fashion sites are hysterical because they usually make no sense). Smart healthcare web designers purposely choose lighter colors, while the entertainment industry leans towards bold and sleek. Some of us like visuals, some don’t. It depends on the way it’s delivered.

Are there sites that you’ve been to that you realized made you feel an emotion? Were you compelled to take an action because of that feeling?

Tell me where anybody who ever talked about this topic ever said it had to be a positive emotion. Or even any specific emotion shared by most users. Ever notice, nobody mentions a specific emotion targeted, then a test to insure X% of user experience the target emotion? Nobody talks about a technique. Nobody has a method.

Emotion just happens in the vicinity of the design. And the designer takes credit for it. Because if you didn’t notice, that’s how this game is played.

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