Cre8asiteforums Forums, Blog and Jobs Site are For Sale

Cre8asiteforums has been put up for sale after nearly 14 years of community, discussions and history. It would like to be adopted by someone who will keep it thriving into the future.

Why Sale?

It’s owner is retiring. But more importantly, the forums needs a person or team of people who see the revenue and exposure potential for the web development, IT, marketing and web ownership industries around the world.

Why Invest in It?

We’ve never had a sales person for it. This is a great opportunity for someone to earn money with an existing web property with global reach.

Who Would Benefit from Ownership?

  • Companies that hold industry conferences.
  • How-to sites
  • Colleges, Universities that teach in IT, marketing, web development, etc.
  • A person or company seeking to earn money right away with a well established web site.
  • Combine it with an existing community.
  • A person or company that builds and sells software, such as SEO tools, web testing, mobile testing, etc.
  • A person or company with vision, who loves community building and promoting other businesses.
  • A person or company with IT products to sell.

Cre8asiteforums comes with additional domains that have protected its brand, plus a blog, jobs listing site and an abundance of social networking add-ons that come with the forums software (that we’ve never played with.)

For more information, see our listing at Flippa – Cre8asiteforums for Sale

Any Honest, Legitimate Offer Will Be Considered