Cre8asiteforums Sold to Internet Marketing Ninjas

It’s with great pleasure and gratitude that I’m finally able to announce publicly the acquisition of Cre8asiteforums by Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Since 1998, these forums have grown and been the jumping off point for countless well-known people in the Search Engine Marketing and Web Site Business industries. We’re know for our respect for each other, accurate discussions without spam and trolls, integrity, a community membership of all skills, led by those who are advanced and like to share their knowledge.

The sale includes all of Cre8asiteforums assets, from all of our domains to our web sites and our social networking accounts.

What Else?

Jim and Kim

At the IMN office, after we made it all official!

In addition to owning the forums, Internet Marketing Ninja’s CEO, Jim Boykin, has hired me to work full-time for his company. This means the end of Cre8pc consulting and being self-employed for a decade. I’ll not only be performing usability and user interface duties for his company, but will continue to maintain and grow Cre8asiteforums. That’s right! I’m now paid to run the forums I founded. Jim’s investment in our community permits many of our long-held dreams come true.

I will be commuting to their office in New York and working from my home office. As their Usability and User Interface Analyst, I’ll be teamed up with IMN’s highly skilled conversions and analytics team. I bring to them my fifteen years of holistic SEO and Usability work experience. In addition, with me on board, IMN will now offer more robust testing services that are my specialty and have been proprietary for years.

What Next?

The first obvious change you’ll see are the banner ads are gone on the blog and forums. A new sidebar will appear later, with a new non-invasive approach that will involve the entire community and offer them new opportunities for promoting their businesses.

This blog will get a long needed do-over!

Our commitment to helping you find jobs will not only continue, but be enhanced.

The forums will get a fresh look, and we’re adding more bells and whistles and forums based on requests from the Cre8tive Community.

Please read Jim Boykin’s Letter to the Cre8asiteforums Community and help us celebrate!

Jim Boykin – Cre8Asiteforums Owner. I’m Here To Listen And Help

And, view the official press release –

Internet Marketing Ninjas Acquires Cre8asiteforums; Kim Krause Berg, Forum Founder & Lead Administrator, to Join IMN Team as Forum Admin and Usability/Conversion Analyst

Plus, my Facebook page is going nuts with the news.