Pubcon Las Vegas Keynote: The Words No One Noticed Matt Cutts Did Not Say

I sensed something wasn’t right while sitting in the front row as I watched Google’s Matt Cutts deliver his always anticipated keynote talk at this year’s Las Vegas Pubcon.

Back home in her southern home, Cre8asiteforums Site Administrator, Donna Fontenot, did more than sense it.  She figured it out and wrote about it the now infamous thread, The Words No One Noticed At Matt Cutts Pubcon Keynote. At the time of this writing, there are 104 comments.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Donna wrote:

As Google gives more and more “answers” in the SERPs, there’s little to no incentive for users to ever leave Google, or ever have the chance to see the valuable content we have. People say, well, it’s Google’s site, so they can do what they want.That’s not always the case, however.

The “answers” that Google gives is not their content. It is OUR content. We’ve always had an implied “contract” with Google.

We’ll let you crawl our sites, Google, if you’ll send traffic back to us.

The “contract” isn’t this: We’ll let you steal and use our sites’ content, Google, without anything in return (traffic).

The crux of the issue is this.

All the work you have done to get your websites ready for “Google Acceptance” is a ruse. It’s not about getting your pages ranked well so that you gain traffic and flattering search results. It’s about providing the search engine the content it values the most, presented by the technology they develop for mobile and Chrome, and keeping the gems THERE so the activity takes place in something they control.

Someday there will be no reason to go to your website because Google search results pages will provide the exact answer to your query or exact match to your product search.

What are your thoughts on this? The Words No One Noticed At Matt Cutts Pubcon Keynote