Optimize for Humans: SEO Has Kicked the Bucket

At Cre8asiteforums, it’s no secret we beat up on Google often. It’s not hard to be angry at the “Do No Evil” lie.

Google is a twisted entity that invests in all types of inventions, innovation and exploration. And yet, the mammoth corporation can kill a small business in one small swipe. Google changes its rules on a regular basis. After awhile, a relationship with Google becomes so tiresome and expensive that companies are forced to break up with it.

There’s hope for Bing and Yahoo! to deliver the world a kinder, gentler searcher experience that doesn’t involve sacrificing your integrity, savings, and humanity.

SEO Is Dead

It is. Search engine optimization used to be called website promotion. All the tricks, methods and games we played in the 1990’s and early 2000’s were focused on promotion of web sites by way of getting them ranked in the top 5 spots of search results, with the number one spot being the crown jewel. There was no Wikepeida grabbing the top spot and no paid listings ruining the fun.

It is now 2014 and search engine optimization and web site promotion are intertwined with local search, PPC, and now, Google’s Knowledge Graph. What this works out to is this. Nobody is optimizing for client sites anymore. The entire food chain of work benefits Google, which insists on being the all-knowing OZ. Every act of optimization and promotion is intended to benefit Google.

Humans Are Not Dead

Trees slumped from ice

Even the trees experience feelings, as seen by the drooping branches weighed down with snow.

Google has been a usability fanatic for years and years and it would seem that just now companies are starting to figure this out. What a shame it took them so long. While all that money was invested in keyword research and developing content, all search engines were vastly interested in you and me. Everywhere we go, everything we feel, everything we need, want, hope for, wish for, dream of, pray for, love, hate and buy on impulse has been on the radar of search engines for years.

Search is not working yet. Why? We are getting smarter. We are asking the same questions, but in new ways. Watch how young people search. They ask in whole sentences because they are not afraid of the technology. Try a search in an automobile search navigation system for where to get your hair cut and you will quickly see there is no help in finding a budget place, no appointment one, one that is just hair and not a full nail, hair and toes salon and certainly no results that show hours of operation. You get distance and the business name.

A search for trees can be anything from the type of tree to trees that express a mood.

Optimize for humans. This is how to make search work.

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