Dear Dying SEO’s. Get Over It!

The death of SEO has apparently reached a climax, as every day more “I’m Melting!” cries of agony are making their way around the Internet marketing circles.

Let’s peek death-of-seo

What Are SEOs Even Good At Anymore?

If this rant sounds familiar, it’s because I’m echoing what Tom Critchlow forewarned about at Mozcon 2012. He asked these same uncomfortable and stirring questions. So what is it that we really do? What’s our identity?

The Typical Day Of A Google Spam Fighter

First he explains that there are two types of spam fighters, the engineers who write algorithms and the manual action spam fighters who handle specific cases manually.


PageRank, Google, Continue to Kill Jobs, Small Business and Blogs

When Will We Realize Google is Censoring Results and Hiding Quality Sites like SEOBook and GrayWolfSEO

This disavowing and link removing is a total waste of time. How many small businesses must Google destroy before users say “enough” and stop using their search engine? How many top thought leaders’ sites will not appear in search before users realize what they are losing by allowing Google’s monopoly to continue?

Google And Seo, Simplified

Google not only dislikes SEO (and by association those who practice SEO, especially those who offer SEO services) they are inherently opposed to SEO. Why? Because optimising actions/behaviour tend to introduce artificiality into their efforts to view the web au naturel.

Evolution Of Seo – How Much Have You Evolved?

After all the algo changes these past few years, not much has really changed in terms of the big picture.

First Time Poster From An Experienced Seo Experts

I have never posted on any sort of website regarding SEO. Today i want to type a few things sitting on my mind about what I have noticed over the last 2 years and how Google’s Algorythm has changed to cripple SEO companies tactics.

1 – Guest Posting, dont do it
2 – Directory Submissions, dont do it
3 – Article Directories – Dont do it
4 – Forum posting – No relevance or juice passed (dont do it)
5 – Forum Signatures – dont do it
6 – Forum Profiles – dont do it
7 – blog commenting – dont do it
8 – Larger more popular sites dont automatically rank better – Cough bullshit – Asda, Tesco, Amazon, John Lewis just to name a few
9 – Link wheeling – dont do it
10 – Dont buy Links
11 – Dont allow dofollow links in image adverts (banners etc)
12- Create good content. – might work great for very localised search terms but doesnt help in the slightest for national searches

Google SERPs Are Going Away Soon

Hold The Angst And Adapt

What seems to be the cause of the angst is NOT Google’s business model progression but rather the mental/emotional inability of webdevs to alter their image of Google. When mindset/image and reality disconnect… is there a psychiatrist in the house?

The Great and Powerful OZ

is not Google.

SEO stopped being a challenge around the time Inktomi and Yahoo! began charging for website inclusion. Before that, all (I repeat), ALL, large corporations paid for rank in ALL search engines that lived before Google was born. It worked so well that it became the law of the land, making PPC and PPI the new cool tactic.  Were it not for the enterprise secret society of “slip a few bucks for rank”, “Black Hat” SEO would never have been needed and cloaking would have remained something you did for yourself when you wanted to hide from the ghosts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Today’s SEO “experts” and “gurus” have no idea how cut throat it used to be. In 1997 I wrote an article “outing” the SEO spammers and their tricks. It was picked up by my local newspaper and I was interviewed for a feature article as a result. That article, and my posts in newsgroups, DejaNews, forums, chat rooms, e-groups, etc. that also warned companies about the SEO rip-off tactics out there, resulted in death threats and one attempted lawsuit to put me away for good.

Ah…the good ‘ole days!

Move Forward

The common culprit from the above links is Google. Google is not the only search engine. It’s not the only marketing channel. Content has always been the one constant, whether it is quality links or quality text. Anything fake is not going to last. Anything forced is not going to impress. Both are extremely expensive and both tactics made so-called SEO Gurus rich.

My call to you is to ask yourselves, what are going to do about your “dying” profession? If you based your entire online business model on making sites rank in Google, you are not a guru, master, expert or frankly, a company to do business with.

You may say, “But everyone goes to Google.” Why is this? Yes, Google has sneaked its spider tendrils into every nook and cranny of our daily lives, from our phones to space technology. Like everything else however, education is key.

Is it time to tell your browser to NOT use Google as its main browser and switch to Bing? Is it time to write blog posts about how to optimize for Bing and Yahoo!? Can you vote by what you link to? What apps you download?  It can be risky going against the status quo. I know.

But you can either die or rebirth your profession.