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In the early days of the Web, chat rooms, email lists, online clubs and forums were jam packed with members and conversations. Entire global online communities formed.

People working on laptops at coffee shop.We’re Still Talk Typing

Before everyone had cell phones, tablets and laptop computers, and before voice commands, we sat for hours typing and transcribing every word from our heads into the wild wild web. You may not realize this but in those early years most everyone was either still learning how to type and spell, and compose their thoughts into understandable sentences. Before there were emoticons, web based bar room brawls broke out simply because the intent of a sentence was not communicated well.  Being misunderstood was common.

I’m not sure if anyone has ever tracked all the forums that existed and have come and gone. Cre8asiteforums, launched in 1998, is one of the longest running.  It can boast a large number of now quite famous people in the search engine marketing industry who were co-administrators, technical administrators and moderators here. Careers were born within the topics. Many of those successful people still return to mentor and help out new members who join.

What We Talk About Now

With over 20 years of discussions we are now in a position of looking back at the history of the search engine marketing and web design industries. However, much of our topic themes are on the present and future.

Featured In-Depth Discussion

20 Years Later…what Skills Are Necessary To Be A Competent Technical Seo?

This discussion attracted several well known people and is loaded with thoughtful ideas.

Here are some of the interesting ones:

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Just when you thought you knew what width to design web pages for, it changed.

What Makes A Podcast A Great Podcast?

Think you know?  Do you listen to them? How might you improve a podcast experience?

Bill Slawski, who was there at the beginning of Cre8asiteforums and soon became a co-administrator, wrote a popular blog post on forums, Learn SEO Through Forums, that reminded his readers of the value of forums. He wrote:

Cre8asiteforums was (and still is) a tremendous place to talk about SEO and web design and usability and accessibility. One of my favorite individual forums on the site was one called The Website Hospital, where people would bring their site’s URL and concerns about it, and ask questions. That was were I learned a lot about auditing sites, and seeing what worked well on them, and what might need some help.

Much has changed over the years of course. There are far too many ways to find advice now. However, joining a community is more of a commitment. It allows you to get help and mentor others when they are stuck. Plus, we’re always open.

We’ll leave the light on for you.