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There is No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

Cre8asiteforums, Launched 1998

Cre8asiteforums is known for being a friendly community who uphold a high standard of practices, respect, knowledge sharing and thought provoking discussions. You’re in the right place if you want accurate information, no spam, humor, and fascinating discussions.

This forum was founded and launched by Kim Krause Berg during the summer of 1998 as the “Cre8pc Web Promotion Club”, hosted by Yahoo! Clubs. In those days it was a small community of small business and new web site designers interested in building online businesses that were both user centered and search engine friendly. During the mid to late 1990’s, Kim’s Cre8pc (retired) web site was a teaching, resources and news web site covering search engine optimization as well as a one-stop place for submission to directories and all the search engines around in those days.

Kim moved the “Cre8pc Web Promotion Club” to Yahoo! Groups on December 28, 2001 and changed the name to the Cre8asite Group.

Special Features and Tribute to Moderators

No online forums is a solo act and Cre8asiteforums is proud of its heritage. It was the home for some of the leading pioneers in the search engine marketing industry, who went on to start their own companies or lend support in various ways as mentors, speakers, writers, and more. Each of them volunteered in roles of Technical Administrator, Co-Administrator and Moderators. We even had our own online directory.

In addition to the famous Website Hospital, we were the first forums to add usability, accessibility, and business development sections. LABS is a private forum for long time members and used for advanced topics and work away from the public and search engines. The Rookie Room was added and the Archives were kept as a record of the history of search engine marketing and web design.

Dramatic Growth

Interest and membership from several well-known figures in the search engine optimization industry inspired Kim to move the site into a full-fledged forum on August 30, 2002.

Industry experts Ammon Johns, Jill Whalen, Bill Slawski joined as Co-Administrators and assisted with the re-launch.  All three left to pursue their own careers and professions, with Jill even launching her own High Rankings Forums.

And Then We Found a New Home

On October 1, 2012, Jim Boykin, CEO, Internet Marketing Ninjas, bought Cre8asiteforums from Kim, and hired her to continue to be its Administrator.  In addition, Jim hired Kim full-time as his Usability and User Interface Analyst for his company.  (Kim left in April 2014 to return to her consulting business.)  At this same time, Ann Smarty was also hired by Jim as his Community Manager, in charge of managing all of the forums he has acquired.

Our Vision Has Never Changed

It’s not enough to build a Web site. It must be tested. It should earn its keep. It must be found by people. We know you want to learn more about conversions, business issues, increasing sales and ranking higher than your competition. Since there are so many ways to do all of this, with some methods being more effective, or more “ethical”, easier or harder to do than others, we bring it all to the table here. Cre8asiteforums strives to let everyone ask questions, share knowledge, inquire on techniques and test designs inside the Community environment. We welcome debates, but don’t tolerate intolerance of other views.

Top Minds Sharing Ideas

We have been extremely fortunate to attract many of the top minds on the Internet over the years. Members come from varying disciplines, work collaboratively both behind the scenes and in the forums, generously volunteering their time, energy and expertise to all who seek help.  The forums culture has evolved into a unique one. Many have described it as “friendly and welcoming” — a place where they feel “at home.” We support a wide variety of Internet related disciplines including education, networking, sharing, communication and support. We also welcome differing solutions to problems and cross-pollination of ideas.

Our motto has always been, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

Last updated March 3, 2017

Jim and Kim

At the IMN office, after we made it all official!