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Meet Kim Krause Berg, Cre8asiteforums Founder and Administrator

In the world of SEO, many have been fixated on one thing: beating the algorithm. Many professional SEOs have never had the advantage of cross-training, leaving the majority without the benefit of a well-rounded perspective. Kimberly Krause Berg is not one of those people.

Instead of exclusively concentrating on SEO as the only aspect of a company’s Internet needs, Kim recognized the glaring need for usability. No amount of #1 rankings will guarantee a site produces conversions. Getting customers to the site is half the battle, the other is getting them to take the desired action once they’re there. This facet of online marketing is often underutilized by business owners. SEO dominance has become the main goal, overshadowing usability efforts. This is what Kim Krause Berg set out to change.

In 1996, Kim Krause Berg introduced Cre8pc.com to the world. She created the site to be an educational resource for people everywhere to learn Search Engine Optimization and apply the techniques to their own websites and companies. This wasn’t Kim’s only project however. She also excelled in a full-time position as a Webmaster and User Interface Specialist, where she was solely in charge of the registration and SEO for over a dozen websites.

In addition to this demanding job, she also spent any free time as a freelance SEO. She gained a name for herself as an expert who could take complex SEO subjects and explain them in a way that was easy to understand. After two years of building her base of SEO knowledge and practical experience, Kim launched a companion to her original site in 1998. It was called the Cre8pc Website Promotion Club, but would a few years later be renamed the Cre8asiteforums.

In 2001, the dot-com debacle left Kim unemployed – but only for a mere six hours! She debated the merits of seeking another full-time position in a similar company, but decided against it. Instead she chose a life as a UI and IA special consultant. Immediately, Kim was recruited by AT&T Worldnet as a subcontractor to test and oversee their patented Internet applications.

This opportunity allowed her to work fully through her home office, leaving more time available to dedicate to her Cre8pc services. And after the rebranding of the Yahoo web club, Cre8asiteforum’s reputation skyrocketed, becoming one of the most highly sought after web design resources in existence.

During those entrepreneurial pursuits, Kim learned some valuable truths that would direct her entire career path. As a consultant she was hired by many top companies like Verticalnet and Unisys. Specializing in the area of Quality Assurance Internet Software Application Testing, she developed systems and methodology for use in in-house usability tests. Other areas she focused on were user experience design, human computer user behavior and information architecture.

Today, Kim dedicates her time and energy to the study of User Interface, and overall usability. She has created a host of original testing procedures that incorporate heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough methodologies, mental models, functional testing, information architecture, all in a task-based set up. Though she deals with some highly complex concepts, Kim’s experiences have given her a solid foundation upon which she is building the next great tools for her profession.

Because of her fascinating perspective, she is a highly sought after speaker. She has made countless presentations as part of several respected SEO conferences and other gatherings. For example, she has spoken at multiple SES conferences, Pubcon and SMX.

A gifted writer as well, she has been featured in publications that span nearly every industry. A few particularly notable examples are her articles in Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Standard, and Web Site Magazine!

When she isn’t gaining new insight into the realms of User Experience and User Interface, Kim is a tutor at the Search Engine College course where she teaches Web Site Usability. She is also a respected member of a number of associations, societies and institutes dedicated to usability, information architecture and human factors.

Kim’s unique career path has endowed her with a rare view of how SEO, web design and functional usability are inherently connected. Through her experiences, she realized the gaping hole in most SEO efforts and made valiant efforts to change the thought process of up-and-coming SEOs and marketers. Due to her rare combination of natural talent, unique background and dedication to learning, it stands to reason that Kimberly Krause Berg will continue to change the face of SEO as we know it for years to come.