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Meet Jim Boykin, CEO, Internet Marketing Ninjas and New Owner of Cre8asiteforums Hire Jim

Jim Boykin is an uncommon man, and like many great men, he did not follow a conventional path to success, but succeed he did. Boykin is the Founder and CEO of one of the foremost online marketing firms, Internet Marketing Ninjas. His company is built to help business owners in all industries gain success in the online arena through a combination of marketing and SEO strategies. This passion for quality and making things better has culminated in a premiere marketing company that is constantly on the cutting edge of their field.

Born in upstate New York, Jim found he had a strong aptitude for computer science when he attended school at Rider University. He worked as a computer consultant and diligently studied the different programs that were available. Pretty soon he gained a mastery of all the programs the school worked in and quickly became the go to problem solver for students and professors alike.

Though he was a gifted and intelligent man, Boykin left his university in 1993, with only a semester to go to complete his Bachelor’s degree. While “get your degree” is the common refrain of most of society, many true geniuses share in the belief that a diploma is just a paper; what really matters is if you know what you’re doing, and can do it well. So, instead of staying in school a few more months, and finishing out the remaining credits of his degree, Boykin decided to move on. He traveled the country and worked in different industries, gaining a true passion for customer service.

In 1999, Jim taught himself HTML, and within weeks, purchased two different domains; including Webuildpages.com. Initially planning on becoming a web designer, he soon switched to Internet marketing and never looked back. He capitalized on his previous success in door-to-door sales by asking a few strategic questions in every business meeting:

“Do you have a website?” If “No”, then “You should have one, I can build it”
If “Yes”, then “Are you getting lots of traffic to your site?”
If “No”, then “I can help you”
If “Yes”, then “Do you want more traffic?”

During this time he worked with different web companies as a “Marketing Specialist” and attended his first SES conference. He began meeting the big names of the business, like Matt Cutts, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. His goal shifted and he then wanted to become an expert and eventually a speaker at those conferences that sparked his interest.

Soon he decided to stop working for other companies, and devoted his full efforts to We Build Pages. He started with dismally low rankings in Google’s search results, but by putting into practice all his working knowledge of SEO, he steadily climbed through the list and ended up in the top slot for “Internet Marketing”. People took notice and immediately started contacting him to enlist his services.

At first, Boykin kept both employees and clients to a minimum, but over the years, the demand for his services grew and so did his business. Today, the staff totals near one hundred people working in the main office in Clifton Park, New York.

In 2011, the company went under a drastic rebranding operation; changing the name from We Build Pages, to Internet Marketing Ninjas. For years, Boykin had referred to his team as link building ninjas, and the term stuck. IMN’s employees are divided into small, teamwork focused “teams” dedicated to creativity and innovation.

Jim’s expertise has been recognized by the SEO community for years, and he’s been showcased in several publications such as Forbes and the Examiner. He was part of the group of “Top 40 Leaders Under 40” and “GSINC’s Top 40 most influential people”. In addition, he is also a member of several marketing associations and business groups, including the American Marketing Association.

He has also met his goal of presenting at the major SEO conferences. The official count comes out to over fifty international events including SES, SMX, Affiliate Summit, WebMasterWorld and Hostingcon to name a few. He has also spoken at PubCon in addition to serving as an official advisor to the event.
While he has accomplished this goal, not all his ambitions have been fulfilled. Jim will continue to grow and change with the changing environment of online marketing. He’ll stay with it because of his fascination and love of the industry; and because of his diligence, and commitment to excellence, Jim Boykin will be sure to stay at the forefront of SEO development.

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