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A combination of seventeen different website communities, Developer Shed Network is fast becoming the number one resource for IT professionals.  Through this grouping of forums and websites, massive numbers of computer experts are coming together, bringing their own knowledge and unique perspective to the table.

Through the community atmosphere of the Developer Shed Forums, developers, programmers and “Tech-Geeks” of all sorts are learning and sharing the skills they have mastered.  In addition to this fusion of knowledge, offers a selection of unique and specifically targeted content pieces.   These up-to-date workups give users an all-encompassing look into the field of information technology.  The main types of documents include regular newsletters, practical tutorials, and news articles informing consumers of all the latest breaking news.

The Network

In order to keep up with the fluctuating environment of constantly evolving technology and development, professionals must have an array of equally up to date resources to teach and challenge them. This thought is the founding premise of the Developer Shed Network and its goal to provide access to that continually advancing knowledge threshold.

There are several different segments that make up the Devshed Forums.


This website is specifically designed to instruct people on the subject of computer programming.  The site combines the knowledge of respected specialists into articles, dissecting the latest trends and technology news, with tutorials written to help users of all experience levels build their knowledge by giving the breakdowns of commonly misunderstood subjects.

These two sister sites contain an abundance of information on multiple programming topics.  It covers the areas of PHP development, Perl Programming, C Programming, Python Programming, Ruby Programming, XML Programming, Web Hosting and Programming Jobs.
If a question falls under any of these subject heads, then Devshed and the Devshed Forums are the place to look to find the best answers available.


The Aspfree main site and Aspfree Forums are some of the leading resources for anyone learning and working in the ASP language arena.  From the beginning of the learning process, to upper level problems faced by masters, these sites have the best collection of knowledgeable writers and advisers anywhere on the internet.
Check out these sites for information on ASP Development, .NET Development, Visual Basic Programming, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Microsoft IIS and Programmers for Hire.

Dev Hardware

This section of the Developer Shed Network provides insight into the physical aspect of computer work.  From the latest news to real life problem solving, these sites have the fullest coverage on every topic in the computer hardware field.

These sites cover the topics of Hardware Reviews, PC Hardware, ATI Video Cards, Computer Monitors, Storage Devices, Mobile Computing, Networking, CPU Overclocking and Technology News.

Dev Articles

This website duo tells gives readers a smorgasbord of information.  It includes posts on nearly every topic including Database Development, Microsoft Access Development, SQL Development, Web Development, Java Development, Programming Help, Tools and Website Hosting.

SEO Chat

For questions on Google Search Engine Optimization, Yahoo Search Engine Optimization, Bing Search Engine Optimization, SEO Chat Tools, Social Media Marketing and SEO, see the SEO Chat division of the Developer Shed Network.

Code Walkers

This section focuses on PHP Programming and PHP book reviews.


These sites give access to information on Fireworks Programming, Flash Programming, 3DS MAX, Dreamweaver, Ruby on Rails, PHP Programming, Web Design, Visual Basic, and PHP and Ruby Tutorials.

Webmaster Tools

These sites teach users how to best improve their sites outside of programming, including Affiliate Promotion, Blog Help, SEO, Web Hosting, Development, Marketing and Advertising.

As a whole, the Developer Shed Network was created to train up the next generation of programming “all stars”.  It is accomplishing this goal daily by answering the unique questions that arise when people push their limits.  When people who are destined to become greats, try something new and run into a road block, they come to the Developer Shed Network.

Here they’ll find a treasure trove of advice, from seasoned veterans who have conquered those same problems before.  But instead of just giving answers, they show people how to come to those conclusions themselves; and put the concepts into practice.  This is how a simple collection of websites has joined upper echelons of the programming and development community, and why it will continue on its meteoric rise; taking with it all who value the wisdom and expertise waiting within its pages.