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  • Advertising at Cre8asiteforums

    Beginning in 2018, Cre8asiteforums is relaunching with a new server and upgraded community software. We have been online since 1998.  

    To help support operating costs, we are offering advertising opportunities. Due to the type of membership we have and their wishes, both the ads and placement are accepted as follows:

    1.     No more than one ad creative at a time.  This means one banner placed in one spot.

    2.     We do not offer run of site placement.

    3.     We do not accept animated banners.

    4.     We do not rotate ads anywhere.  You pay for the spot. It is yours.

    5.     We accept purchases of 1 month to 3 months at a time for only the header and footer banners.

    6.     We will change out your banner per month if desired when purchased for 3 months.

    7.     We accept your tracking code.

    8.     We accept .png, .gif, .jpg at a maximum size of 500MB

    9.     We track impressions and clicks and will provide you with the results.

    Target Market

    Cre8asiteforums is a professional community of digital marketers, some of whom have been working in the industry for over 20 years. We are spam-free community.  The forums contain historical archives available to the public. It is well-indexed by search engines.

    Right of Refusal

    Because we cater to professionals, we reserve the right to refuse any banner creative that does not meet the standards of excellence and brand reputation the Cre8asiteforums Community expects.


    Payment is accepted by PayPal or Invoice in Advance

    To Get Started

    Please email Forums Owner, Kim Krause Berg, at  kberg@creativevisionwebconsulting.com and supply the banner, spot you choose, and time you wish to purchase.  I will respond with the next steps. Thank you.



  • Top of Page Leaderboard 720 x 100

    $145 per month/$400 for 3 months payable in advance

    This area of the forums is seen everywhere including Clubs, private messages and inside each discussion. Every post is indexed by search engines.


  • Footer Leaderboard 720 x 100

    $120 per month/$320 for 3 months payable in advance

    This banner is seen everywhere on the website, including Clubs, private messages and inside each discussion.



    Sidebar 300 x 100 One Spot at Top Only – Exclusively Monthly Only

    $135 one month only.

    This banner is seen everywhere on the website.


  • Donations Welcome

    Thank-you for using our community. It would be greatly appreciated if you could assist with our running costs by donating.

    Donate Now

    Your donation, no matter how much, helps with paying for the hosting and software monthly expenses.  Choose the amount and currency you would like to donate in below. Once again, thank-you.