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    Cre8asiteforums is a well managed, spam free community of wise folks who have created a space for people who insist on doing reputable work. Long time members are awarded the freedom to not only link freely and have sigs with several lines, but they are allowed to use the clubs, calendar and blog for free, when they want.

    Loyalty has its priv's.


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    By cre8pc,

    As much as I loved website promotion in the late 1990's, I truly sucked at it as far as I was concerned. 

    What I did manage to do was to gather up resources and share them, which is how my first website, Cre8pc.com, came to be in 1996. I was there when web pages had gray backgrounds because color wasn't available yet. I remember long hours on the phone with friends trying to figure out how to make complicated nest tables. 

    In 2002 I was working as a User Interface Engineer who was trained in, and eventually moved into, the role of QA Software Usability Engineer. It was in those years of the early 2000's that I figured out the intimate relationship between SEO and usability or more precisely, marketing and human factors design or even more to the point, building websites for humans to conduct desired tasks after the marketers get the pages ranked. The two sides needed each other for their survival.

    I began to produce checklists. And I taught a course in usability at the now closed Search Engine College. The checklists were either free or sold for dirt cheap. Below is a screen shot of one of them.  Pathetic old logo and all.