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  2. Donna has installed several highly customized WP blogs for me and kept them running and up-to-date. Never any problems. Ever.
  3. Donna is very very good. She is good in a lot of areas. She is very good at WP websites.
  4. ~~ WordPress Web Design ~~ CavalierWebDesign.com Most small businesses wear many hats, and creating their own websites - no matter how simple the site builders claim to be - is usually far outside the scope of business owner to handle themselves. I could possibly change the engine in my car if I wanted to. I mean, how hard could it be with Youtube video instruction, right? But that doesn't mean it makes sense for me to do that. I should hire a skilled mechanic to do that for me. Likewise, a small business needs to focus on what they do best, and outsource web design to those with the experience needed to create such a vital business asset. My goal, always, is to understand what your business needs, and then build a site designed to fill those needs. A website needs to look good, sure, but most importantly, it needs to achieve your business' goals for it. It should be beautiful, effective, optimized, and responsive. Let's discuss what you need from a website, and how I can help make that happen. Making sure YOUR business website is both beautiful and effective...That's MY business. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ WordPress Site Maintenance ~~ WPLot.us WP Lotus - I maintain your website. You retain your peace of mind. A website cannot be built and then abandoned. Even if someone is creating content on a regular basis, the backend of the website needs love as well. A site that isn't maintained is a site that is handing out invitations to hackers. But if a business owner doesn't have the time or expertise needed to create her own site, why would she be expected to maintain it 24/7? Who has time to keep it backed up, update themes and plugins, run security scans, monitor uptime, and then...know what to do when things go wrong? I do. I have the time and expertise, and I can take that burden off of you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Experience I've been working with WordPress since 2004, and with websites in general for quite some time before that. I've tackled most of the various aspects of online business over time, including extensive background in SEO, conversion optimization, content marketing, technical problem solving, eBusiness consulting, and all things WordPress. I specialize in helping small businesses create and maintain effective websites that meet their business goals. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Of course, the work I do lends itself naturally to being location-agnostic. Most of my clients live thousands of miles away from me. Nevertheless, if there are any small businesses who appreciate working with local businesses, I am located in Reserve, Louisiana (USA), which is conveniently situated between Baton Rouge and New Orleans in Southeast Louisiana. I'd be happy to meet at a local coffee shop to discuss your website needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Contact me for more info. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I provide website audits for companies of all sizes. Typically my clients know their website is not meeting their business requirements, not converting, or the data indicates a performance issue. Typical Project I'm most often sub-contracted by SEO's and Digital Marketing companies who create search engine and social media marketing strategies for their clients, and they want their client's website to be tested and verified that it is ready to meet today's standards for mobile, accessibility, conversions, usability and customer experience. Experience Over 20 years experience and cross trained in SEO, human factors, information architecture, mobile design, software functional QA testing, user testing, conversions and persuasive design and usability standards. Pricing Site audits usually start at $2000. Ask for a free proposal. I do run site review specials. All work performed by Creative Vision Web Consulting is strictly confidential and automatically on an NDA basis. Referrals receive 15% of my fee when I am awarded a contract and paid in full. Other I do not provide case studies or examples of audits because every project is confidential and customized to fit the business requirements of the company that has hired me. Referrals upon request. Contact: Kim Krause Berg Creative Vision Web Consulting Credentials