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  2. when they say update, do they mean design, or just add pages? If just adding / editing pages, then why do you need any additional software?
  3. ApolloPad is, sadly, sat on the back burner winking suggestively at me. It's a project I'm passionate about, and want to be able to spend more time on. But Readable.io has to come first - it's paying the bills, and growing well, so it gets my full attention for the moment. That said, I've got another human on the team now, with another 2-3 coming on board this year, and that means extra capacity, so I'm going to be giving ApolloPad a bit more love soon
  4. The resolution of the first part is wide - makes it look bigger than it is. I need to get better at videos! But yes, the barn is quite large. The farmhouse is just over 3000 sq feet too, with a pool. I grew up on a farm and clearly forgot how much work they are, esp when everyone has full time jobs. How is your ApolloPad? Looks interesting...
  5. I think you could fit my house in there three times over . Looks like a lovely space, Kim.
  6. Hi, One of my clients has decided that they want to update their wordpress website by themselves from now on. I am trying to help them out by sourcing a good bit of software for them. Have looked at elementor but the site has already been built and is hosted on my server so I think that narrows down the choice somewhat? Any help appreciated. Jged
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  8. Amazing isn't it? When I launched the first incarnation of the forums, I was suffering in so many ways, from losing my job to nearly being homeless, but I didn't want anyone to know, not even Bill. Alan, who hosted for free, knew. He would slip me $$ to feed the kids.
  9. Oh and *I* do a lot of the labor around here Which is why I have less time for the forums. However, there is so much to do that we hire out as well.
  10. Dancing Timber is tied to my first internet name - "Dancing Thunder" - which has a long story attached to how I got the name. My friends, and even my mom called me Dancing Thunder in person or "DT". It fit me more than my birth name. Timber references the land on the property, which is about 3 acres of just trees plus all the trees nearer the house and barn. This was an area used for sawmills in earlier times. We have 2 streams running through the property that feed into a nearby creek and a spring fed pond. The trees are very very tall pines, red chestnut, poplar, ash, a few maples, dogwood, and walnut varieties. The trees make their presence known to everyone who comes here, so it seemed pretty obvious they wanted to be recognized The energy here is upbeat too. You can feel it. It took us 5 months to agree on a name. I'm having a logo done now.
  11. You wouldn't be you if you didn't dream big. Although I'm not sure about 'dancing' timber, a bit too Entish for me. I prefer my trees firmly rooted. Sympathy to Eric and the boys but I guess they knew what they were getting into...? ...sweat and strain. body all achin' and wracked with pain tote that timber lift that board...
  12. I remember you talking about an unreachable dream of owning a farm like this, years and years ago. So proud of you.
  13. Let's get real and put down the Google kool-aid. The real reason to go with mobile first progressively enhanced responsive design, personalised contextual delivery, etc. et al is (1) to interest and retain visitors, who are increasingly multi-device users, (2) increase conversion rate with said visitors, and (3) increase/sustain business viability and bottom line. If you are doing it merely because Google said so you are so far out of competition and self constrained within that organically diminishing, answer engine morphing ecosystem that I love you one and all. You have left the realm of the web, you are no longer a website doing business on the web; rather you have become but a Google product owing your soul to the company store. And if you see no business reason for changing then don't. You may or may not rank as well for Google search queries going forward but that is but one input to the decision equation.
  14. <initial response 🤐> SFW summary: 😂
  15. Anna Patterson, one of the co-founders, was on my personal list of inspirational willing to be helpful (yes that is a Venn diagram overlap subset) IT people, although these days strictly inspirational. Currently Google VP of Engineering, research and machine intelligence, and Managing Partner of Gradient Ventures, G's early stage AI venture capital fund. She provided input that helped both my site search and real time analytics. Note: there are a great number of inspirational immensely capable women in various nooks of IT although it is only those in managerial positions that get mainstream media attention. And a surprising number are (appropriately) approachable, often thrilled to be. And, yes, I remember Cuil, and yes, it was cool. Even if it never (hah!) came out of stealth it did provide a number of people, myself included, inspiration and pointers to possibilities. Historical Note: the frequently media quoted term 'Google Killer' applied to Cuil was actually pushed by G itself - probably to raise expectations and increase the likelihood and depth of fall when not met. Marketing has it's dark side...
  16. Thank you for watching it! I hope it provides a more detailed look at what I'm up to and why I wanted to part from the forums. If folks thought they were contributing to a training/workshop/events facility, maybe they would understand. The thing is, I was afraid to ask because it felt selfish, despite the fact that the goal is to continue teaching SEO/UX/etc etc. Only out in the country face to face. I like to create things. If I could, I would have a place for everyone to come here for a huge Cre8asiteforums gathering. In the renovated barn and out by the pool (which needs work. Previous owners didn't maintain it properly.) Walk the grounds....I have it all in my head and heart.
  17. For WordPress Site Origin plug ins - https://siteorigin.com/gdpr-and-siteorigin-products/
  18. I have requested plans privately and will put that out that here as well. 1. Hosting - if moving, there are two servers doing different things. One I have access to the CP. One I don't. The present license has to be changed to self hosting to get access for migration. 2. Software - Keep Invision or choose different. Reimburse me for the renewal I just paid for ($25 for 6 months) if keeping. It could take time to learn this software if retained. It comes with many bells and whistles designed for revenue. This software, btw, was chosen years ago because the UI can be edited manually for a unique look and feel. At the time, we didn't want to look like everyone else. We had, at one time, different themes to meet different user needs. 3. Admin and maintenance - I don't come with it. Somebody has to handle the registrations, moderation, upgrades, tech, etc. 4. Plan for the domains - Two are for sale now. I would like to keep the Cre8asiteforums.com domain unless there is an offer for it. There were others related to the site that have been carried all these years to protect the brand. I own them. 5. I'm assuming, and could be wrong, but I would be closing the Twitter, G+, and Facebook accounts. 6. Whomever takes the forums must provide a private area similar to the present LABS for a specific group of members here that I created it for, whom have asked for it to be retained. Please send to me via PM or using the Contact form. Thanks.
  19. Exactly. I made a video to explain why both me and cash are needed elsewhere.
  20. Self hosted would mean moving it to a different server, so that is up to whoever takes the forums. They would need to buy the license for self hosting to move it (renews every 6 months - I can see how much $$) That would provide time for the new owner to change the software over to whatever they choose to use. Part of the forums are on another server, which I'm not going to renew. That was an outer shell with a blog and pages and Google Hangout from an earlier time. It may be a pile of 404's after that. I can leave it for the new owner to decide. That was $120/year I think. I need to check expiration date. Subscription is one of the apps that is enabled with Invision. The owner would determine settings and $$.
  21. Kim - hi. Is there anything back from the hosts on pricing for this and what kind of "fee"/subscription cost would people be expected to pay? Thanks
  22. Wow. ❤️ - amazing. There's no such thing as a dream that's too big by the way That's an amazing project and future plans/dreams there Kim. I'm impressed. Of course you need to get off the net on a daily basis and concentrate on this. A perfectly natural thing to do. It's a HUGE barn! My brother had a tiny (in comparison) old English farm barn converted - and that was a project and a half..lol.. - nice to see your's started with a new roof already because that was the bit that the took the longest/most expensive bit to do. You should sell planks to people online - but so they get their names engraved in it or embedded company logo - rather like a Sponsored Wall - generate a bit of income that way. I'd donate! It's very cool Kim. A real neat project/dream satisfying project to get to grips with. Nice one
  23. Sometimes it takes a story. I suck at making videos but thought maybe showing was better than explaining.
  24. That is only on their hosted version, self hosting would be cheaper.
  25. I was thinking more of from Invision to something else (ie $0.0) on a cheap hosting plan if it could handle it. From what I can figure this forum is now a drain on her financial resources. I remember $135/m 1620/yr ++ (that's like a million in Canada) It would also be a drain on someone else resources... well maybe not Zuck or Bezos.
  26. From support. Re: Advice for Pausing/Closing Forums If you move to a different host, it would require a self hosting license, and then we would provide you with a backup of the database that you would restore to your self hosting. There is a process for this we can share if that does happen though. View Support Request Reference: [SR1008812.bWR] (do not remove this line when replying)
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