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Closing May 25. Investment Opportunity.

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  1. Cre8asiteforums Closing May 25 - Farewell and Thank You

    “You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else.” 
     John Irving, The World According to Garp

  2. Cre8tive Tomorrow

    Cre8tive Tomorrow is the place where we put our collective knowledge and intellect to figure what these technologies do, what they mean for us, and how to best implement them. This is not just a technical forum; on the contrary, it includes other important aspects like usability, SEO, and marketing. Cre8tive Tomorrow is a forum for us to answer now the questions related to what we could be doing in the future.

  3. Can We Talk?

    Rants, questions, curiosities, things you always wanted to discuss, but were afraid someone would chop your head off.

  4. Mentionables

    Your resource for whatever is going on in the industries we serve. Long time Members (over 500 posts) in good standing are permitted to post news, announcements, links to meaty articles, introduce new tools, apps, themes, videos, podcasts and various helpful content. Moderated.

  5. Your Community Resources

    Sometimes it's easier to offer a quick mention! We like happy human news, science, sci-fi, environment, business, space, physics, aliens, music, photography, inspirational, and otherwise totally "wow" stuff. No self promo...you know about that, right?

  6. Rookie Room

    Welcome to the Rookie Room. Our motto at Cre8asiteforums has always been "There is no such thing as a dumb question." Any beginner questions on web design, site ownership, search marketing, usability, accessibility, search engines, content writing, blogging, social media, graphics, CSS, etc. are placed here. We encourage the community to mentor, teach, offer advice and provide support for those seeking help here.