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Affiliate/domain "scheme": good strategy to duplic

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#1 Ruud


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Posted 25 August 2004 - 12:04 AM

OK, so look at the guy above you and see what he does. Learn from him.

Now what I see is one "mother" site with 300+ backlinks. Those backlinks mostly come from other sites in the same business. At the bottom of most of the pages there I see an affiliate link to the "mother" site. Checking WHOIS however I learn that these sites are registered to the same company as the "mother" site.

From market data from the client I learn that this "mother" site, or rather the company behind it, financially speaking is #1 in North America for worldwide sales of its product.

I have to tip my hat to the affiliate program setup. Apart from the sister sites of this company I was unable to find a legit affiliate site for them. Seems like a great, for me new, trick to set up a bunch of sites which all point to one other site.

Secondly - what is happening here? The pages are template based. Very simple ones, focussing completely on the product image and providing one or two line descriptions (easy on the "get your keyword in there" that way). Yet despite this "duplicate content" idea for some searches within this sector the company simply dominates the SERPS. Imagine having #1-#10 all being your domains....


#2 mugshot


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Posted 29 August 2004 - 11:15 AM

Now you are just making me drool! :D A strategy like this, I'm not sure how well or far it will take you, but obviously it worked for this mother site.

Going back to the ratio of inwards, outwards, and internal link...that may be a factor to consider in this case. From what you are saying, this site has outbound likes out the wazoo, but in a broad scheme of things, it has 10 times the inbound link provided by its affiliate sites. Am I understanding this mother site correctly?

Let's say there are 10 sites affiliated. One points to 9, but the 9 in return points to this one. So I guess, its 9 times inbound: 1 outbound.

Make sense or just a brain f***?

#3 Black_Knight


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Posted 29 August 2004 - 03:06 PM

Imagine having #1-#10 all being your domains....

There's no faster or surer method to make the search engineers revise their algo, or even hand-tweak results. There are few faster methods of annoying people searching for something a little different either.

Some many years back (well, many in internet terms - being the late-Nineties I'm referring to) I ran some extensive testing with a couple of pals, and we found that the 'optimal' domination of the SERPs was to attain listings at #1, #3 and #8. Any more than those three brought no measurable improvement, and many more actually produced worse end results (sales).

As far as we could determine, the #1 listing suited those who always click the first result, the #3 listing boosts its authority and credibility as a 'top product', and the #8 listing was to tie in to the factor where the listings at the top and bottom often are more eye-catching than those in the middle.

That research is long overdue for revisal, of course, since that was when AV was king, when 10 results per page was not only the norm, but was indeed virtually the only possible format, etc.

Personalised SERPs make a lot of difference in our business, and we all know that this is only going to become more true. Add in personal prefence tweaked-results, and localisation, etc, and selling listings by positions will be gone forever.

The SERP the SEO sees may rarely be the same as the SERPs the client sees, and neither is seeing the SERPs that a typical customer would see, simply because their viewing habbits are based on commercial internet use, rather than being a simple shopper.

That's one of the major reasons that most of the professional SEOs have ben actively pushing for folks to realise that SEO is more about PR and branding than about positions. :D

#4 PR3


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Posted 29 August 2004 - 04:09 PM

Imagine having #1-#10 all being your domains

Its a nice thought from the site owners point of view, but i recently came accross this in yahoo.com. That is obviously different to what you are describing but either version is just spam and is that not an annoyance for everyone, surfer and other site owners?!

<edit>That's 9 yahoo pages of junk!</edit>

#5 Ruud


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Posted 30 August 2004 - 02:04 AM

There's no faster or surer method to make the search engineers revise their algo, or even hand-tweak results. There are few faster methods of annoying people searching for something a little different either.

Let me hand you some additional information: I had inside knowledge this was all one company dominating that market for North America. When I was first asked about the success of this search I said; "hey, look at the inbound links man! they are either form relevant directories or from sites in the same business". Started to sift through results and a large number appeared to be affiliates, explaining the same look. Then dug into those affiliates - and they are registered to the same company. The affiliate program itself is legit though and can be reached via, among others, CJ.

The first layer seems to target countries. franceKW.com, japanKW.com, canadaKW.com, etc. After that a whole layer of similar content. Then landing pages aimed at regional use of the KW combined with the KW provided by the catalogue of items in that category.

To me it looks like this... You set up a 10-pointing-to-1 network and you could get bashed. Register an affiliate program... and you have a legit way of going whatever-to-1 network.


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