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Posted 10 March 2008 - 04:18 PM

Once upon a time I was born. Well, one has to have a beginning and birth is certainly that.

I grew up 'north of 60' and did typical northern stuff like playing street hockey at -50 C (-60 F), walking to school with ice fog so thick the next street light was pale and distant at noon...picnics on glaciers at bright summer midnight, riding a motorbike to roads end and then hiking for days... There is little of Canada between 60 and 80 degrees north latitude I haven't at least flown over.

There is nothing quite like standing on top a mountain and knowing that there is absolutely no one else as far as the eye can see...like watching mosquitoes slide off your body in your pouring sweat...listening to the popcorn popping sound of voracious blackflies bouncing off your bug hat/netting...seeing the gold appear in the swish of a pan or the lattice of a sluice...gliding along streams within paddle touch of moose feeding...standing hip deep in moss staring down a brown bear at 5-metres...holding a wild female gyrfalcon in your gloved hand - and seeing the talons come out the other side...

Nothing like being so successful in business that you fail...in joining the Canadian Navy and making waves...in being less successful and more profitable in business...in marriage and childbirth, divorce and continuing on...experiencing retail burnout and the stress relief of career change.

In searching the internet before the web...using Mosaic to check out Yahoo's 'page'...the lightbulb moment of seeing my first table layout, graphics intense, actually designed page. In building my first database GUI, my first dynamic HTML page, my first 3-D revolving zoomable product graphics (remember sprites?). Back when garish was cool, animated gifs, marquee, and blink were state of the art... Yes, I am old, in web years a true antique...

I have contracted to individuals and billion dollar corporations and now I work just for myself. Fired my last client two years ago and finished the last evergreen content (will be finally uploaded later this year). Happily semi-retired, when not bouncing bots or maintaining links, I spend my time watching the local wildlife (deer and eagles, hawks and racoons, quail and rabbits, otters and herons all come to play out my window) or sailing, kayaking, and diving, or hiking in regional alpine and rainforest areas...life is rough here on Canada's wet coast.

My online interests have narrowed to identifying, understanding, and controlling traffic quality; designing conversion funnels for maximising ad/af revenue; in going beyond the SEs and past SM; to marketing direct to corporations or their ad agencies...and to giving back to the community who offered me so much without strings.

Thank you, everyone.

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