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I've Added Quality Content Pages , Now What ?

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#1 rjohnson


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Posted 30 June 2008 - 05:34 PM

I have been reading this forum for 1 year now, I have read many SEO books, I have even purchased a few SEO books . The advice here is the best I have ever found, but I am still unclear about one very important step.

Where or how to start the hunt for inbound links in order to climb up the google rankings

I know many of the standard ideas / techniques, which you read everywhere such as:
Blog postings, forum posting , link exchanges, article submissions, press releases, etcÖ.

I do not have years of experience, but I have learned a few things from applying those techniques.

I had some success and my rankings did go up for a few highly competitive keywords, by posting comments on blogs and forums consistently, for about 1 month. I received many backlinks because of the postings and I landed on the 4th page of a very competitive keyword (but that still doesnít get me much traffic). Before that, I was on the 10th or 11th page. Now though , I would like to use more effective techniques in order to beat my competition which Iím sure spend thousands in SEO optimization.

But as I read more and more , on this forum and from other areas, the above mentioned techniques are now-a-days the least effective of them all (in Googleís perspective), because Google pretty much disregards links coming mainly from low quality sites and can even view you as spam.

I have also read (many times) from top posters, that techniques such as Press Releases, Link Exchanges are not valuable and that I should concentrate on building quality content pages. This will in turn lead to other sites linking to my content as time goes by.

But lets say you have the best quality content pages in the world, and they are about a very popular topic that everyone searches on google, how will another site ever find your quality content pages (in order to link to you)?

I am even willing to pay for SEO services, but Iíve also read that hiring a firm is not the best move, because they would have to learn your industry / competitors and there is no one that knows it better than yourself.

Iím not looking for a clear , Step by Step answer, as Iím sure there isnít one, but I would like to read about what some of you do on a regular basis to keep improving your rankings on google.




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Posted 30 June 2008 - 07:18 PM

If I want to get rankings for a particular topic I search google, see who has the top few sites at the top and then attack their content. My goal is to outdo their content by a mile. Sometimes I can do that, sometimes they have me outbudgeted but attacking the content is the first step.

After you have the content you need to get traffic onto it. Traffic is how you get people to see it, some of whom are webmasters who might link to you. So topics that I want links into get top position on my homepage and advertised in "popular" and "related" boxes across my site.

I generally don't hunt for links (I'd rather spend those resources on the next content), but if I didn't have a lot of traffic I would search google for the topics that I want to rank for and email webmasters of important sites that link out to other sites about that topic. If I have some of the best or a different slant on that topic many of them are glad to see it and add my link to their list of resources.

I also run adwords on related sites to get the attention of their traffic, who might visit my site and link to it. This is expensive but a few links can be very valuable - espacially at the start.

Also, if you have a blog with a feed, use that to distribute your content. I think that blogs as a platform are overrated , however the feeds that they produce can be used to accumulate a list of subscribers who enjoy your content.

Finally, if you have really good content, give people a chance to share it with the social communities such as reddit, digg or slashdot. I had a piece on slashdot a couple months ago and that exposure brought over 100,000 visitors and a few thousand links in just two days. The power of those sites to attract attention and links is amazing.... but again, you must start with great content that will compete with the best out there.

#3 rjohnson


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Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:50 PM

Great advice EGOL.
I have read many of your posts and I find them very valuable.
I read once a post about someone praising your "content is king"
ideas and he claimed that his site received hundreds of powerful links from many different sources simply by producing amazing content.

I will start with your first advice about picking my competitor's content and seeing how I can produce better content.

I will also try to add the artciles to the social commnunities. My topics are more technical, I can't remember now which one of those communities is for tech articles. 100k visitors in 2 days is amazing.

Here is another question :

Would you say that it's possible to add valuable content to any type of site?
How about if your site provides an online service (utility) and visitors do not use your site to read.
However, very informative and innovative "How To" articles that cover topics in your area would be great and valuable content, am I correct?




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Posted 30 June 2008 - 10:59 PM

Some sites are easier to add link-attracting content to than others. I have sites in three different areas, one is very easy to add content, the other two require more ingenuity. However, I have said that valuable content can be added even to sites that sell rocks or manure.

If your current visitors are not readers it is still a great idea to add related content. Each page of content is a signpost in the SERPs that attracts traffic to your site. Some pages yield very little traffic, some can yield thousands of visitors per day. They key is to add content that will attract links, the links will make it rank well and that will bring traffic and the traffic will bring more links and that will make it rank better.... get the idea?

"How To" articles yield some of my best income. If you tell "how to" the reader will be inspired to buy the tools or supplies needed and that can inspire ad clicks. On a "how to" site the ads can be as interesting to the reader as the content.

#5 rjohnson


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Posted 01 July 2008 - 12:02 AM

They key is to add content that will attract links, the links will make it rank well and that will bring traffic and the traffic will bring more links and that will make it rank better.... get the idea?

Yes, you have given me some extremely valuable ideas. My How To articles can help me a great deal as I have plenty of valuable ones. I will also start going back to sending traffic via Adwords as I do have a budget for this. In the past I did use Adwords to send traffic to my main site and I was receiving very good conversion rates

Thank you very much EGOL.

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