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Basic Seo Tools Each Webmaster Should Have!

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#1 andreyknure


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Posted 08 January 2009 - 08:59 AM

In this topic I would prefer to discuss the suit of tools which experienced SEO experts and webmasters use in their practices to control website promotion process effectively!

- Website position checking tool;
- Keyword analysis tool;
- Competitor analysis tool;
- Broken link checking tool;
- Meta Tag analysis tool;
- Meta keyword generator;
- Link popularity checker;
- HTML code validity checker;
- Keyword spider;
- Server uptime statistics;
- Web page loading time checker;
- Browser compatibility tool;
- Sitemap generator

If you have any ideas on what other important tools each basic webmaster suite should include Ė letís discuss them together in this thread!

#2 fisicx


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Posted 08 January 2009 - 09:12 AM

Website position checking tool
Pointless since you are only checking against your keyword not those of your visitors.

Keyword analysis tool
Limited use since you miss all the lucratuive long tain searches.

Competitor analysis tool
Waste of time. I don't care how they are doing, only how well I am doing

Broken link checking tool
Built into DW.

Meta Tag analysis tool
Meta tags not use by the SE so no need for this one.

Meta keyword generator
See above

Link popularity checker
What use is this?

- HTML code validity checker
Not required. Valid code doesn't improve your ranking.

Keyword spider
Limited use, they still miss out on the longtail.

Server uptime statistics
Not an SEO issue

Web page loading time checker
Very limited use since my OS, browser, location, connection, timezone is not the same as yours.

Browser compatibility tool
Can do this online any in any case, a good designer should have the major browsers already installed.

Sitemap generator
No real use on a static site or blog.

The best tool is your brain in combination with your eyes and a pair of fingers for typing/using the mouse. Relying on tools and apps means you end up copying your competitors which isn't really a lot of help.

#3 FP_Guy


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Posted 08 January 2009 - 09:50 AM

- Website position checking tool;
(worthwhile to check to see if your tweaking pays off while using Google Optimizer)
- Keyword analysis tool;
(Okay, but needs to be used with several other techniques to get a suitable list)
- Competitor analysis tool;
(YES! Depending on the tool though. See how the top 10 rank for a particular keyword phrase and look for patterns.)
- Broken link checking tool;
(Not important for ranking, but important for web design and credibility. Google now has a tool on webmaster central that reports broken links to your site that can be helpful.)
- Meta Tag analysis tool;
(useless, just write an accurate Meta Description tag using the keyword you use. That is all)
- Meta keyword generator;
(Okay, but needs to be used with several other techniques to get a suitable list)
- Link popularity checker;
(Good way to examine the link text used to point to your site and adjust.)
- HTML code validity checker;
(Not very important in ranking)
- Keyword spider;
(Never heard of it. Does it scour the internet for keywords in the meta keyword tag? If so it is useless.)
- Server uptime statistics;
(Nice to know if you have a decent web hosting but since it is a rarity I would only use the free version.)
- Web page loading time checker;
(Yes, because of the 6 second rule. If your page does not load up and grab their attention in 6 seconds or less they will hit the back browser button and search elsewhere. Here is a free one: )
- Browser compatibility tool;
(yes, but it has to be accurate. I do testing on a few different computers in the office also testing different versions of IE. [ :mr_rant: IE6!])
- Sitemap generator
(Does not help with ranking but helps Google index your website better which can in a round about way help your ranking.)

This may be of interest to you.

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