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The New Diggbar - An Iframe I Can Live With

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#1 bwelford


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Posted 03 April 2009 - 11:15 AM

Over the years I have always ranted against the use of Frames. I still feel that way very strongly.

However I cannot fail to comment this morning about a new feature at Digg. Initially I hated it but having worked with it a little, I am now quite enthusiastic. It involves an Iframe and that has some drawbacks. Nevertheless the advantages of this new DiggBar outweigh those drawbacks.

If you are not in the Digg crowd, you should probably switch to some other topic. If you are, then you may find as I do that this new functionality is really sweet. Suppose you have a blog post and you want to digg it. All you do is go up to the address field and insert digg.com/ at the front end of the URL. Hit return and you have an Iframe featuring your blog post but with the DiggBar functionality along the top.

If you stay within the Iframe then it persists. However in Firefox, the right mouse button click menu (This Frame > Open this in new Tab or Window) allows you to open the web page in a new tab and Poof! the Iframe is gone.

I would be interested in others' reactions to this new Digg feature. It certainly has my vote.

#2 bwelford


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Posted 03 April 2009 - 11:44 AM

... but apparently it does not appeal to all. Michael Gray feels it should be abused with profit. Sounds like a plan. :infinite-banana:

#3 DonnaFontenot


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Posted 03 April 2009 - 12:17 PM

I cannot stand behind them wrapping our content in their iframe for any reason. Just can't do it. Nope. Don't like it. Never will. Framebusters to the rescue! LOL

#4 A.N.Onym


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Posted 04 April 2009 - 01:13 AM

Basing my opinion on how SU uses the JS toolbar/frame, I don't like it, too.

I just don't like it when I browse the SU website, click to a story and it keeps loading their toolbar. It's taking forever and DiggBar loads even more slowly.

Also, some people (a relatively small percentage) will need to read the story before digging it, so it doesn't remove the need for buttons.

Also, how do you ensure that the story got the best description, not the meta/first 2 sentences? I haven't used it, but it seems you'll need to be able to edit/submit your story yourself, anyway.

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