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New Expectations And Questions Regarding Yahoo! And Bing Combo

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Posted 06 August 2010 - 08:33 AM

As I'm reading and trying to wrap my head around MS taking over Yahoo!, I wondered if this is the end of paying to keep a site in Yahoo!'s directory? (Not that I do, but some companies do.)

There's some good stuff out there...this one is from Gordon Hotchkiss - Bing and Yahoo! - What it means to Users is optimistic.

This deal sends a signal Google canít ignore. Theyíre still in the search driverís seat, but at least now they can see someone in their rearview mirror. If Microsoft can adopt a passion for innovation and push the envelope, Google will have to respond in kind. The search experience will evolve more rapidly, hopefully kicked out of the revenue obsessed stasis that itís currently in. Stagnation benefits no one except the analysts and bean counters who insist that quarter over quarter performance is the only metric that matters. Weíre way too early in the game to be that cautious and boring.

Will the Microsoft-Yahoo deal break the Google habit? No. In fact, Google will probably net a couple more percentage points out of this in the short term. But this lays the foundation of a more competitive market place, which canít help but benefit users.

The deal puts Microsoft in the game. Now, letís see what they do with the opportunity.

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