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Thoughts On The +50 Listings Google

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#1 glyn


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Posted 08 September 2011 - 08:42 AM

I rarely look in depth at listings in Google too hard, but I did notice that now for certain e-commerce clients of mine their listings are being transformed from the Meta Description to a mashup showing the number of items on a page. This is without doing anything to the page. IT seems Google is guessing.

Example listing might be as follows:


DESCRIPTION: +50items, nasty mashup of product information
URL: no change there.

How is this affecting your sales.

I can see this from two sides:

On the one hand if you are showing alongside a competitor that has less items this could be good - user sees increased choice and clicks through in preference.

On the other hand a user that uses a combination of the TITLE and the description to decide relevancy might instead think that the paid results actually provide better information.

I've just finished reading some research (a little dated) which was about how people interact with sponsored and organic listings so I could argue on this basis that Google's just throwing up rubbish just to make people click on the sponsored listings instead.

I'm curious to know whether anyone has any feeling on these changes. I can see them being positive and negative.





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Posted 08 September 2011 - 06:17 PM

Some of my sites are getting these special markups and I have done nothing to trigger them.

I am getting the 10+ items and a bullet list with item names, dimensions, other details and price.

Amazing. Nicely punctuated and spaced.

(... and I recently complained that I was going to have yet another job to keep up with the Google SERPs Arms Race)

I don't know if it is making more sales but I am not complaining a bit.

#3 glyn


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Posted 14 September 2011 - 08:57 AM

Cheers, exactly I saw this too.

I Remember many moons ago Google talking about Google Square and basically tagging and chopping up your data so G could arrange it better. It seems to have done this automatically - quite why a business would be interested in providing data to be chopped up so that a consumer could see a photo from one website and a description from another I don't know.

We'll see if this turns out to be a benefit.

Certainly there is more of a need to write a super compelling title.

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