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How To Keep In Touch With Twitter Leads

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#1 mrgoodfox


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 02:53 PM

On Twitter every now and then I have a conversation with a few people that lasts couple days. Then the conversation dies down and a different conversation with a few other followers begins.

What do you guys do to keep in touch with the followers from the older conversations and perhaps start new ones? Do any of the online tools help with that? 

#2 clandestino


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 01:45 AM

1)  You could retweet one of the tweets on that topic.
Retweets are a great way to re-start a conversation.  The person you retweet will see it and you'll gain their trust and respect.  They'll be much more inclined to engage with you in the future and retweet things that you tweet.  After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't it?
You can also do this for people that don't follow you but you would like them to.  I'll follow them and then retweet one of their better tweets.  They'll like you for doing that and will be more willing to follow you back.  It's bad karma to be a selfish tweeter, let your followers in on great tweets from other tweeps too via retweets.  :)
The quickest way to get someone interested in you is to be interested in them.  By retweeting you'll also create the image that you like to share, not just broadcast and talk about things that are important to you.  Just like at a real world social event, nobody is interested in talking to someone that always talks about themselves and their interests. 
Isn't it interesting how marketing with these online tools is just like doing it in person without the time and distance limitations?
2)  Another idea would be to look at the tweets from your past conversations and look for a problem the people you were tweeting with posed and didn't answer.  Do some research and restart the conversation with the solution.  They'll like you for that -- it shows you care and helps them.  The best way to become popular is to help the community.  It will pay you back many times over and you'll learn some things that will make you better at what you do, make you more interesting, broaden your knowledge base, etc.  imho, there is a high percentage of people on twitter that are looking for information, especially about how to use social media.
3)  You could tweet a top ten list on the subject you were having a previous conversation about, one tweet at at time.  Let people know in advance when you will tweet the top ten list and you'll get a lot more people engaged.  Tweet it as an @ to ten different followers you'd like to catch up with.
4)  Read other tweeps' timelines and look for topics that are important to them and send them an @ on that topic.  It shows you care about what's important to them.  It's the equivalent of sending them a hand written note thanking them for the tweet.  They'll be more likely to engage with you in the future if you do.
5)  Read other tweeps' timelines and find ten articles on a topic that they think is important.  Same as above - publicize in advance and post ten tweets spaced 1/2 hour apart or long enough to comfortably read the article.  Tweet it as an @ to ten different followers you'd like to catch up with.
6)  Pick a topic of high interest to your followers in general and become an expert at it.  Set a specific time each week where you broadcast articles, your blog posts, images, little known facts, best practices, cool graphics, gee whiz or really cool stuff, top ten lists, etc. on the subject.  As part of your publicity/marketing, let people know that you will be broadcasting at a set time each week and will also be taking questions by DM or @ and answering them.
7)  Pick a topic that will be a lot of fun for your followers.  I used to do that with music.  It was a lot of fun!!!  I would set a music artist or theme and do a 2 to 4 hour tweet session depending on how energetic I was feeling and how much material I could find.  There was one guy that used to see how many degrees of separation he could create between my tweets and his own music tweets.  He would do this while I was broadcasting.  For example, if I tweeted artist A he would come up with artist B that had covered that song (1 degree of separation).  Then he would tweet artist C that had played backup on artist B's cover of that song (2 degrees of separation) and so on, and so on.  One night he came up with 12 degrees of separation!  It was one of the most amazing things I ever saw.  That was a lot of fun and a lot of people tuned in.  I was getting 300 to 400 new followers a week when I was doing that.
8)  If you like music, post mashups that are unusual.  Tweet an @ with the mashup to one of your followers you'd like to catch up with.  This is one of the most creative mashups I found - it got 400+ clicks (5%) and a lot of retweets --  Boston Vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd Vs. Warren Zevon .  That's not the original URL, it's one where you don't need an account and have to sign in and it's working.  Here was the original tweet and link -->


@JerryKidd You'll like this one, mashup of 3 songs -- Boston Vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd Vs. Warren Zevon -- http://cli.gs/MMHb1r


(Apparently it's no longer available there.  I did really like @bbitner's comment, though.)

9)  Track the people that retweet you and include the top ten retweeters in a Follow Friday tweet. --> http://mashable.com/...r-followfriday/ .  Send the tweets one at a time to increase exposure.  When the person you sent the tweet to sees it, they'll see you personalized it just for them which will be flattering to them.  They will be more likely to engage in the future as a result.
10)  People act based on emotion, so if you want people to respond to your tweets, give them an emotional reason to respond.  One of the most powerful emotions there is is curiosity (remember that cat that got killed over it? ;)).  A tweet like this can be very engaging -->


Don't Miss It!!!  On Sat 5-4, I’ll post the Top 10 Tools for Tracking Retweets here-> Cre8asite Forums-> Search Engine and Online Marketing-> Small and Local Business Marketing

Pique their curiosity and a lot of people will show up.  You could tweet the Top 10 one by one and link to your blog post or forum post in this case (that way you'd make the 140 characters too).
Note --> I'm not kidding, I will post the Top 10 Tools for Tracking Retweets here-> Cre8asite Forums-> Search Engine and Online Marketing-> Small and Local Business Marketing on Saturday, 5-4.

11)  Tweet something controversial.  I haven't tweeted this (its very current as all successful tweets will be) and I'd have to think about whether I might offend anyone or give the wrong impression.  It would be just right for the artsy crowd.

@Tweep Really audacious and creative idea!!! ->Upcoming Art Installation Fueled by Sexting | What do you think? | http://mashable.com/...01/sexting-art/


People like to engage with interesting, audacious people.  The safe, "same old same old" is boring.
12)  Send an @ to some of the top people on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki or Chris Brogan.  They may not answer back (or they may, they're pretty down to earth), but no worries if they don't answer.  What's important is your followers will think you're having a conversation with them.  Guy Kawasaki taught me that one - it's not who you know that's important, it's who people think you know.  People will be more interested in you and more likely to engage as a result. 
13)  Post something about a very famous and influential person.  In the following tweet it was Bill Gates.  This one got 900+ clicks (11%) and a boat load of retweets.  Note that the headline used the curiosity technique too.  The combination was very powerful.  If your tweets are interesting and really pique your followers' interest, they will be much more likely to engage with you in the future.  Every time they see a tweet of yours, they'll click on it because they know it's likely to be something new, interesting, relevant to their experience, likely to help them solve a problem, blow them away unusual, etc.  They'll also be more likely to retweet it and @ you to talk about it.  Here's the actual tweet -->

The Two Words Bill Gates Doesn't Want You to Hear...a Motley Fool Rules Breakers Special Report -- http://cli.gs/zGYJNB

Well that's my Top 10 + 3 list  (people love Top 10 lists) for the day.
Do you think some of these ideas will work?  How would you use them?  What other ideas do you think will work?

Edited by chuckfinley, 03 May 2013 - 08:57 PM.
Fixed -- Boston Vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd Vs. Warren Zevon -- link.

#3 tam


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 12:04 PM

I find it quite hard to keep track of people on twitter. I'd love the ability to see a list of the last tweet of all my followers, or pick one and see the messages we've exchanged like you would texting someone. Particularly when people are in different time zones it's easy to not overlap in real time

#4 TheAlex


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 02:43 PM

Do you use TweetDeck? To keep track you could have a column that includes people you've recently interacted with.

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