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Google Reaches Antitrust Settlement With Eu

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#1 DonnaFontenot


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Posted 05 February 2014 - 10:55 AM

As part of the deal, Google will have to give greater prominence to rivals in European search results for the next five years, which could lead to major changes in how its search business operates in Europe compared to other parts of the world.

That includes displaying results from three competitors every time Google shows its own results for searches related to products, restaurants and hotels.

Rivals will have to pay Google each time their results are shown next to the search giant’s own results through a bidding process overseen by an independent monitor, according to European officials.

The settlement also includes making it easier for advertisers to move their business to rivals like Yahoo and Microsoft. Until now, Google has imposed conditions that have made it difficult for rival advertising networks operated by other search engines to use content that has appeared within Google’s sponsored advertising links.


Read more here. (Note that the bolded above is my emphasis).

#2 earlpearl


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Posted 05 February 2014 - 10:58 AM

I wish it were tougher!!!

#3 glyn


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Posted 05 February 2014 - 11:31 AM

Evidence that noone understands jack. Most notably the eu.

#4 bobbb


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Posted 05 February 2014 - 11:33 AM

Bottom line: rivals are buying adwords maybe discounted. The other part sounds similar to the Microsoft deal where MS prevented OEMs from installing rival products.


So, for returning the rights they took away from their customers through extortion, they receive an adword contract.


Someone understands JACK.


It is understandable that the EU (their representatives) don't understand JACK because they are all bureaucrats that probably never held a position other than in bureaucracy. It is all a game with a little give and take and all sides come out with "bonbons".


It's nothing. I read the whole article now. Hope it goes to Appeal. Go Microsoft go (ouf)


Bill Gates back at Redmond HQ


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#5 TheAlex


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Posted 06 February 2014 - 06:11 PM

In related news I just saw this massive video still in the SERP - it doesn't play but links directly to YouTube. Google were doing this on tablets and now it's moved to desktop browsers. It only seems to do it for music related results at the moment so doesn't bode well for official band sites, lyrics sites, music shops...and eventually anything with video content such as film trailers.




Edit - Barry Schwartz has reported on it here: http://searchenginel...-results-183345 Someone in the comments has mentioned the EU lawsuit.

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