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Primer on Internet Law and Ethics

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Posted 09 May 2004 - 08:07 PM

We've been putting together primer posts for the different forums here at Cre8asite Forums, and this is the Primer Post for the Internet Law and Ethics forum.

Law is a wide and broad subject, and it's likely that you won't find specific answers to questions that you might have in this forum. Laws surrounding the internet are in their infancy and likely are going to have just as many questions around them as answers. But you might find some legal information that can broaden your knowledge, open your eyes to possibilities, and give you a different perspective.

If you have a specific legal problem, your best option is to probably talk to an attorney, but we can share legal information here, and discuss the shape and nature of internet law and regulations.

We've covered quite a few topics in this forum. I've come up with some lists of many of them. Some of them have only begun to scratch the surface of the issues involved. But I figured that if we gave some organization to these posts, we might be able to use them as a springboard for new discussions.

Reporting Spam, Scams, and Online Fraud
Business Opportunities from Nigeria
New Hoax on the Block
Yet Another Fraud Email from "PayPal"
California Wins Anti-Spam Case
Spam Laws Site
Fed's Launch Criminal Prosecutions under CAN-SPAM Act

Legal Aspects of Building Web Sites
Exploring and Explaining Terms of Service
Is it Illegal to Sell Magazines and Books Online?

How to Find a Lawyer Online
Online Lawyers for Lawsuits

The Importance of Contracts and Negotiation
If an SEO Marketer Doesn't Deliver, Can a Client Sue?
Finder's Fees
Internet Chat - AIM, ICQ, MSN, iRC - Legally Binding?

The Legality of Linking
Deep Linking
Permission to Link
Can One Say No to Framing - or Prohibit Certain Links?

Accessible Web Sites and Airline Reservations
Disability Rights Comm Likely to Threaten Website Owners?

Law and Search Engines
Search Engines and Legal Issues
Sites Excluded from Google.fr and/or Google.de
Search Engines, Privacy and Legal Issues
Robots Above the Law?

Domain Name Registration
Toto Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Domain Name Rights
Alternate Root Software or Malware?
Sex and the Stolen Domain Name
Domain Ownership Information - Private or Public?
Who Owns My Domain?
UDRP and co.uk

Intellectual Property
Copyright / Trademark Questions
Ownership of Emails
Is My View From My Property Mine
Implied Associations

- Copyrights
Copyright Law Revisited
Has Your Website Design Been Copied?
Webpage Copyright
"Fair Use" and News Articles?
Front-End vs. Back-End and Legal Ownership
Someone Nicked a Graphic Off My Site!!
Can Copyrighted Images Be Used in Edited Form?

- Trademarks
Domain Copywriting
The Brand is the Thing... Google is NOT a Verb!
Legalities of Trademarked Name Use in Tags and Domain Names
Web Site Name

- Patents
ECommerce Patent Lawsuit Threatening Small E-Businesses
Streaming Patents

Libel Law, Blogs, and Ethics
U.S. Bloggers Gain Republishing Libel Protection
Question Regarding Law and Reviews Posted on a Web Site
Slanderous / Libellous Content in Forum Postings.
Libel Forum Question

When Good Programs get Used for Bad Purposes (Peer-To-Peer, Etc.)
Liability From Application Abuse
RIAA, Kazaa and the Courts

Internet Regulation and Litigation
Class Action Suit Filed Against Popup Server
The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Kazaa in US Court
Verizon Must Reveal Identities
Using Old Laws on the Internet
Data Retention in Europe
Ecommerce Regulations
Verisign Wildcard DNS
Microsoft Offers Reward to Stop Viruses
Hate Sites... What's a Webhost to Do?

Tracking Visitors, Downloads, and Spyware
Is this Not Advisable?

Wireless Access
(open) WI-FI's and the Law?

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