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Do Pages With No Index Show Up In Search?

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#1 earlpearl


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:11 PM

I'm curious about something. 


A little background.Yelp reviews for a business include two types of pages:  Reviews and "Not Recommended Reviews".   The Not Recommended reviews fall into the mysterious yelp filter.  Its somewhat common knowledge that if someone writes one or only a couple of yelp reviews and is not otherwise active on yelp that person's reviews won't show.  Additionally we all suspect if you don't advertise with yelp....wellllll they put your reviews in the not recommended category.


The reviews are available, but difficult to find and probably not accessed much.  They are available at the bottom of the acceptable reviews and accessed by a link that is not very visible. 


Well....scr*w them.


Anyway I was at this smb and took a call from a lead.  As we discussed the services we offer I asked her some questions.  One was how did you find us?  She responded that a friend and she were thinking about our services and her friend sent a link to our website.  That means she didn't search for it and didn't see the volume of tremendous reviews.  Boy those reviews work to help leads become customers.  They repeatedly tell us that while they use our services and we ask them a few marketing questions.


We spoke on the phone a bit and I sent her an email with some references including all of our reviews (mostly great) and included that yelp page as one of the links. 


I was thinking about running some anchor text links to a not recommended yelp page for one of our smb's.   Currently over 80% of the reviews on yelp fall into the not recommended category.  Clearly a lot of those reviewers only wrote ONE REVIEW.   I was going to choose a variation on a "name phrase" or recovery term, wherein there probably is no or virtually no competition for the phrase.  Heck its a variation on the smb's name:  But it does come up in search.


The smb does ask customers to write reviews.  We ask a lot...maybe we get about 20% who do write them in various sources.  Fortunately the smb gets remarkably great reviews.  It operates well.  Among the terrific reviews are that little seen not recommended page on yelp.  Quite a number. 


I took a look at the not recommended page.  Its got a no index robots tag.


So my question is do pages with a no index tag ever fall into the serps????  


Does anyone know for sure?  Has anyone looked at this issue?  Has anyone ever made an effort to vault a no indexed page into some obscure serps or any serps?


Thanks in advance.



#2 iamlost


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 06:15 PM

Meta noindex should never ever show in SERPs. Most SEs including Google are good on following that directive.

I have a lot of pages that robots.txt says stay out (SEs are iffy on this) with noindex on each page so that when their bots do come by, which they shouldn't but do, the page stays out of the search index. Never seen Google mistake that directive.

#3 earlpearl


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Posted 22 March 2017 - 05:12 AM

Thanks. It was a crazy notion spurred by the frustration of seeing 80% of the Yelp reviews filtered (those ba^*%rds).

I think I might have linked to that page in the past without having checked for it's SE index status and don't want to waste any additional mischievous activity if it won't work. :D


(I think I ran a link to that no indexed yelp page a while back.  It could (or should  be on a page I control).  I've never seen the filtered yelp page in a list of serp results.  If  I find that link...time to change it.  Thanks.

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