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The Cousin Of Fake News -- Fake Product Descriptions

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 03:40 PM

Fake News has only recently burst into the media's attention, but Fake Product Descriptions have been around for a long time too.


Google is pretty good at swatting down cookie cutter product descriptions, but I hope that they are working to up their game on long-form blather.  There are a lot of sites with nothing but blather and because this is made up stuff, a lot of it is absolutely wrong. 


And, because many of these blather sites are affiliates, they don't have to answer to the customer for exaggerated, incorrect and totally misleading product descriptions.  Customers follow their links to Amazon or another site that pays affiliates and whoever fulfills the sales there gets the customers who were mislead by bad information.


The people who make these sites go out and do shallow reading on the sites of genuine vendors and then type away, or copy/paste, and start collecting commissions.  Amazon and other sites who pay affiliates should be getting after these people too.  It's possible that a lot of the folks who retire from fake news are now writing product descriptions because they are evergreen.

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Posted 06 April 2017 - 11:05 AM

Fake News, Fake Product Descriptions------Hey pretty much some fake everything.


Of our smb types one type is pretty slimy in general.  We always try and work WAY above the sleaze.  (unfortunately we have hired some jerks in certain locations)  The other industry type is "better" but there are sleazy marketing and descriptions also.  But that is only 2 of thousands of industries, products, services....well pretty much everything.


In so far as it shows up in google.  I personally don't think google gives a crap for the most part.  From the local side of things they mostly only care about things if they are embarrassed, if a very large group screams about something and/or if their own internal measures suggest something they have established is getting abused.


Its only then that they react.


Here is something they've been made aware of years ago.  They don't give a crap   and/or the search term doesn't generate enough searches to warrant them fixing it.  Its been messed up for years.


Search for Mobile Phone Stores in some US city or town.  The local/map results are pure crap and not relevant.  These search results have been messed up for years.  Big G knows it.   Have you ever experienced the results of the following phrase----"I don't give a rats donkey". (donkey--I like that :D )  That pretty much describes google's reaction.   They first learned of the lousy results in mid year 2015.  Maybe they knew beforehand.

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Posted 06 April 2017 - 11:49 AM


Its only then that they react.


I bet you are right! 


They could spend an awful lot of dough trying to solve this and it would not likely fetch a positive return.


Makes me mad.. that's why I want them to fix it.  :-)

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