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Twitter Takes Advantage Of Personalization For Ads

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#1 cre8pc


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Posted 19 May 2017 - 09:17 AM

I admit I had no idea Twitter had gone so far into the realm of a promotions based property. I use it to find good articles that help me with my work and to share discussions from these forums in our Twitter feed for Cre8.  


Twitter is used differently by others, but I didn't realize that behind my front end is a large settings area with more things added. 


If you have a Twitter account, you may receive this:




I thought it funny that Twitter believes I'm younger than I really am:




And not funny that it has been following me around.



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#2 iamlost


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Posted 20 May 2017 - 11:11 AM

Web application/platform/site personalisation is (1) an imperceptible cloak that improves a service or (2) creepy stalking; most providers say the first, practice the second.


I am huge into personalisation, as I believe posts over the years have indicated. One would think that erring on the 'helpful' side of the line would be both common sense and in a business' self-interest, however reality is more often a 'because we can' horror flick. Tone deafness is rampant.


Note: Twitter is now 'adding' perceived gender (from behaviour) to accounts that have declined to specify (last sentence in quote below).


Advertisers can target their campaigns to the gender of their choice.

Setting up targeting by gender

The campaign settings default to targeting all genders, but you can limit targeting to only one gender if preferred. Underneath device targeting, select the “Limit targeting by gender” and select your preference. We infer gender from information our users share as they use Twitter, including their profile names.


Ignorance and incompetence is not limited to those wailing at the Google MFA Wall...

#3 Nny777


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Posted 22 May 2017 - 03:31 AM

Interesting that my Twitter has decided that I speak Romanian? And that I'm between 13-54, nice one.


I generally resent most being targeted by my gender.

#4 whiterabbit


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Posted Yesterday, 09:00 AM

I didn't know that was there...they have me as 13-54 as well, oh twitter. Also interesting "You are currently part of 703 audiences from 203 advertisers." ...to bad they don't show you a list, it would be interesting to see what affinity groups they would group me in...

Instagram used to have this maps functionality that was public that would use your geolocation from where you were frequently taking pictures and show it on a map. I thought it was very creepy because someone could get a really good idea of where you live on there. Facebook/instagram has recently taken away that feature...I don't really go on facebook but I think they have a page where you can see what facebook knows about you and its impressive...even if you're not on very frequently, its alot

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#5 earlpearl


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Posted Yesterday, 09:19 PM

They have me at 13-54 also. I'm older than the upper range. But I'm an idiot so maybe they are giving me the benefit of doubt on the younger limit. They have more languages than I speak but I do follow some web folks that are international and tweet in English and their native languages. I don't understand them when they tweet in English

I don't see their personalization as being very on target either in my settings or via the ads I see.

I used to tweet for one of our smb's in a different market/city and used then existing twitter tools to find locals.BTW our tweeting didn't work just as I suspect many twitter ads don't work. I do see a healthy volume of web/SEO sponsored tweets. Haven't bothered checking twitter advertising. Does one pay 💰 by clicks or impressions or some other metric???

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