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Welcome to the Cre8asiteforums Cre8tive View Hash tag #cre8 
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Recent Interview with Dr. Pete


Dr. Pete

Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist,

“Dr. Pete Meyers is Marketing Scientist for Moz, where he works with the marketing and data science teams on product research and data-driven content. He has spent the past year building research tools to monitor Google, including the MozCast Project, and he curates the Google Algorithm History, a chronicle of Google updates back to 2003.”

What is the Cre8tive View?

The Cre8asiteforums Cre8tive View is a Google Hangout taped live and open to the public. Events feature a panel of up to 5 people, plus anyone who wants to watch and leave us comments and questions during the show.

The Cre8tive View is a place to meet online at a designated time with us. Be clicking the link we provide in our Google Plus page, you can listen. If you are part of a panel or featured guest, we will invite you before the show starts to set up before we start the broadcast. If you miss a hangout, don’t worry! It will be posted to YouTube.

For Panelists:

On the day of a show, panelists go to the URL we post under “On the Air” above 30 minutes to get the event URL and prepare for the event broadcast.

For Audience Members:

Guests can listen and ask questions during the live Broadcast. You are welcome to join us 10 minutes before the event or you can be notified of the live link by following us here:

We Love Recommendations

Please use our contact form and share your ideas for topics and panel participants.

Sound Quality is Important

Please wear a headphone during the Broadcast.  Without it, we hear a constant hum on the recording, echo, or a feedback loop (like how rock bands like to freak you out with a big SCREECH!). Move your mic close enough to your mouth so that we are not catching any other noises from the background like your kitty cat, air conditioner, TV and stuff.

Please turn off your cell phone and switch it to Vibrate if you need it.  If for some reason you must take a call during the live Broadcast, find the mute button in the G+ Hangout so that you can mute the call. Don’t forget to PLEASE disable app notification sounds (i.e. Email, Skype, Facebook, iPad notifications, etc.).

If we happen to mute or remove you during a hangout, it is not personal. We do it for sound quality and good production purposes. We allow time to test devices, sound and lighting during the green room time.

Only 10 people can join a hangout. This means you need to join EARLY to hold your spot if you want to be part of the live audience.  Otherwise, you can watch and listen.