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Pump Up Your Web SiteHow to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions

By Kim Krause Berg


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Despite the popularity of Steve Krug’s famous book on web site design, “Don’t Make Me Think,” the sad truth is that most web sites have not solved this basic problem. In fact, web pages not only ask us to think, they force us to wait to get to the information in the first place.

What do we think about? We think about what the web page is about. We consider if the page meets our expectations regarding its content. For example, does it answer a question or provide the information we want? We think about where to find more information by reviewing navigation and text links. In the first few seconds, we also verify that we are in the right place and we look for signals like a familiar logo, product pictures and pictures of people. Thinking means understanding what we see and read.

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