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Welcome to the first issue of Cre8tive Way Newsletter. We are excited to be launching our own newsletter and true to the Cre8tive Community Way, it will adapt to your preferences and be unique.

Why a Newsletter?

The leading objective is to sustain and nourish the Cre8asiteforums Community. We wil recap hot threads and recent blog posts in case you missed them. There will also be news and announcements. We are growing and experimenting with new ideas, including many recommendations from Cre8asiteforums. I don’t want to waste your time with a boring email newsletter. To accomplish that, I want to hear from you on what’s working or not and what would truly turn you on.

You are welcome to opt-in or opt-out at any time but my hope is that you give us a chance before throwing in the towel.

By Kim Krause Berg, Founder and Administrator, Newsletter Editor, Cre8asiteforums Founder and Administrator

Cre8asiteforums Celebrates 15 Years

Special Note from Kim

August is a special month for Cre8asiteforums. This year we celebrate our 15th year. From the official press release, “Cre8asiteforums Celebrates 15th Year as Leading Web Design Forums”, Cre8asiteforums, a premier website community under the leadership of Founder Kim Krause Berg and Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, celebrates its 15th anniversary and expects continued success and growth.”

I launched it in August of 1998 as a small club and re-launched in August of 2002 with forums software to make it a full-fledged forums. This labor of love grew into a collection of thriving forums moderated by volunteers, some of which are prominent “thought leaders” within the SEO community. Cre8asiteforums wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the incredible moderators and technical administrators who donated their time to helping me all these years. Today, the moderating staff is small, because the community is largely self-governed.  It’s a truly dedicated community of generous people from all over the world.

Cre8asiteforums continues to break ground by offering forums related to website usability, accessibility, user experience, and the business-side of website ownership, in addition to its popular search engine marketing forums. To further support the needs of the community, Cre8asiteforums also offers a free Website Hospital to facilitate feedback and user-testing of websites. Over the course of its 15 year history, the community has continually valued the sharing of knowledge, as is evidenced by their previous efforts to raise funds for books, courses, an internship program, and other industry-related, educational opportunities.

In October of 2012, Cre8asiteforums was acquired by Jim Boykin, founding CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN). Take a bow all past moderators, present moderators, the new Ninja staff of designers and technical people, past and present administrators and most especially, the entire Cre8tive Community.

You all created a masterpiece.

New Free Tools!

Cre8asiteforums now has over 70 free tools to help you increase your position in the SERPs and make the most out of your online business. These tools cover every aspect of web design including utilities for social media, usability, PPC, and much more. And to make things even sweeter, we’ll be updating the tools in the near future as we continue to add goodies to your tool-belt.

From the Editor

Cre8asiteforums has survived and thrived for fifteen years and nobody is more amazed at that than me. When I started the Cre8pc Website Promotion Club in August 1998 I was a single mom working during the day as a webmaster for 13 websites and moonlighting at night in SEO consulting. The club was where I shared what I knew and was testing during the pioneering days of search engine optimization. There was never a plan and I figured it would last a few years. Thanks to the support of many now famous people and the dedication of an army of volunteer Moderators and Technical Administrators, Cre8asiteforums thrived. From my heart and soul, thank you for hanging in there with me during the ups and downs. The Cre8asiteforums Community built this house and they made it strong. – Kim Krause Berg, Editor & Founder, Cre8asiteforums & Usability Analyst, Internet Marketing Ninjas

From the Publisher

Congratulations Cre8saiteforums! There are so many people who’ve contributed over the years to make Cre8asite such a great resource for online marketers. I feel lucky and honored to be able to assist Kim in taking Cre8asiteforums to whole new levels over the NEXT 15 years. – Jim Boykin, Publisher, CEO, Internet Marketing Ninjas

New Labs

One of the benefits of joining and participating regularly at Cre8asiteforums is developing a reputation as a credible, skilled member whom we look to for expertise and accurate help. These members are allowed more privileges and link freedom. Sometimes our long-timers wish to share information and ideas outside the eyes and ears of search engines and among a group of trusted peers. To meet this need, we launched LABS. All moderators, administrators, and 1000 post members automatically see LABS when they log in. Everyone else is vetted and voted on by the LABS community and if accepted, given the secret handshake to join.

Google Hangout

Have you heard of Google Hangouts? If not, you are in for a real treat. At 2pm EST on Friday, August 16, we are launching our first public Google Hangout. The topic is “Is Your Web Site User Friendly?” If you own a web site, tune in as our panel points out what to look for and provides solutions for better conversions. We are testing out a schedule and various topics to invite you to. You can be part of a panel (we can have up to 10 people) who discuss the topic of the show, which is “broadcast” live and recorded for YouTube and made as a podcast. We post the schedule and the URL for the broadcast so that anyone can watch, ask questions and leave the panel comments. Live site reviews is a popular suggestion, plus interviews, Q&A, and much more. Please review the Google Hangout links on the Cre8asiteforums web site for the schedule and to learn how to be part of a panel and send us topic ideas. See you online and in person soon!

From the Cre8asiteforums Blog

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[About Cre8asiteforums]

Cre8asiteforums is known for being a friendly web development community who uphold a high standard of practices, respect, knowledge sharing and thought provoking discussions. Established in August 1998, we support a wide variety of Internet related disciplines including education, networking, sharing, communication and support. We also welcome differing solutions to problems and cross-pollination of ideas.
Our motto has always been, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

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