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18 Years Old

“Conversions are when the mind of the user is engaged and desires to continue onward.” – Cre8pc
Cre8asiteforums Is Now in Its 18th Year

Featured Discussion
Moz Asks…for Landing Pages, What Is More “Important”. Traffic or Converting Traffic?
“If you are out to make your living from organic traffic then you sure better go after the SEO approach… and if you fail with that your conversions will fail also – because you got no traffic to convert.”
“It is a ridiculous comparison.”

We are real people – Hi All, Long Time No See – I Want to Sue Google
“It’s a cut and dried case, no way it can be lost as the evidence is as clear as day.”

Welcome to the July Cre8tive Way newsletter. Happy Birthday!

– Kim Krause Berg, Founder and Administrator

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Cre8tive Finds

Site Planning, Preparation and Running a Business
What Is the Value of Attending an Industry Conference or Trade Show?
“I was surprised to learn that attending conferences in one’s field or career is not always viewed in a positive light. Some people see no value in attending them.”
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Usability and Human Factors
Dark Patterns – Usability Ethical Design
“People have been fleeced by agreements and contracts they didn’t take the time or effort to read since time immemorial.” Read More →

Rookie Room
I Don’t Want This Client. They Are Refusing to Take No as The Answer. Help!
“She’s in this position now because everyone else took advantage of her – and you simply won’t be a part of it.” Read More →

Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
8 Companies That Get Content Marketing
There are so many businesses that just don’t “get” content marketing. They use it as a blunt force tool, without any finesse. You can always tell when their heart isn’t in it. Part of that is due to general quality and consistency in posting. But mostly it’s a feeling; they just aren’t trying understanding their own brand, and it comes through. On the other hand, these companies absolutely get their… Read More →

Ebooks and Tools

pump-it-up-learn-how-to-increase-website-conversions-with-free-ebookHow to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
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beginners-guide-to-seoNew: Basic 101
Beginner’s Guide to SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)
Learn More and Download

natural-website-conversionsThe Secret to Natural Website Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
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Cre8asiteforums now has over 70 awesome tools to help you increase your position in the SERPs and make the most out of your online business. These tools cover every aspect of web design including utilities for social media, usability, PPC, and much more. And to make things even sweeter, we’ll be updating the tools in the near future as we continue to add goodies to your tool-belt.

[About Cre8asiteforums]

Cre8asiteforums is known for being a friendly web development community who uphold a high standard of practices, respect, knowledge sharing and thought provoking discussions. Established in August 1998, we support a wide variety of Internet related disciplines including education, networking, sharing, communication and support. We also welcome differing solutions to problems and cross-pollination of ideas.
Our motto has always been, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

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