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Featured Discussion
What Makes a Podcast a Great Podcast?

“It is critical that answers not ramble. With only audio cues think Hemingway – simple, direct, while still being yourself.” — iamlost

“I very rarely listen to podcasts. They are usually too much bugle-playing, chest-thumping, kissing, and ads up front, too much yada yada and chit chat throughout. There is often so much yada yada and chit chat that I start thinking about other things and miss the important message.” — EGOL

“I wonder how a combo of a podcast and blog post with images would work?” — Cre8pc

Welcome to the August Cre8tive Way newsletter.
– Kim Krause Berg, Founder and Administrator

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Cre8tive Finds

Social Media Marketing
Who Owns Your Business?
“From the comments above it appears that the 3 major websites are each using techniques to grab access and control of your own websites. Amazon, FB, and Google aren’t happy with their existing status…they want to squeeze the blood out of all other websites to control traffic and monetize in their own realms let alone push into one another’s realms. It’s a freaking free for all with 3 giants competing with one another and getting their grubby fingers into all other sites. It’s the wild west only worse.” Read More →

Creative Tomorrow
Automating Me and You and What We Think
“The problem is that most governments, and especially recently that of the US, is ignorant of reality but supportive of the idea, which means that problems will be minimized and largely left unaddressed. The UK is self-destructing before our eyes and won’t have money for anything but necessities shortly. Perhaps the EU will manage necessary structural requirements better.” Read More →

Site Planning
Website Pixel Width Revisited For 2017
“My site is a little less than 1000 pixels wide and responds when the screen width gets down to about 500 pixels. Then images and column widths shrink to maintain a single column design. I am trying to decide what to do with a new site. What do you think? Have you seen any sites that you think handle different monitor and device widths well?” Read More →

Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
Announcing: 2017 Google Search Click Through Rate Study
IMN is pleased to announce our Summer 2017 Click Through Rate Study, now available in Whitepaper format in the Resources section of our website! It’s been a while since we’ve last written about this topic, and since last summer, there have been multiple changes to both the algorithms that determine the organic rankings AND the visual presentation of the SERPs… Read More →

Ebooks and Tools

pump-it-up-learn-how-to-increase-website-conversions-with-free-ebookHow to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
Learn More and Download

beginners-guide-to-seoNew: Basic 101
Beginner’s Guide to SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)
Learn More and Download

natural-website-conversionsThe Secret to Natural Website Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
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Cre8asiteforums now has over 70 awesome tools to help you increase your position in the SERPs and make the most out of your online business. These tools cover every aspect of web design including utilities for social media, usability, PPC, and much more. And to make things even sweeter, we’ll be updating the tools in the near future as we continue to add goodies to your tool-belt.

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Cre8asiteforums is known for being a friendly web development community who uphold a high standard of practices, respect, knowledge sharing and thought provoking discussions. Established in August 1998, we support a wide variety of Internet related disciplines including education, networking, sharing, communication and support. We also welcome differing solutions to problems and cross-pollination of ideas.
Our motto has always been, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

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