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How Do You Determine a Good Conversion Rate?
“Just do like Amazon and lose $5 per sale for your first 15 years, make no money at all for the next 15. Half of the people in the freakin’ country will be your customer. The other half will be working in your pack and ship operations for minimum wage. Conversion rate will be kickass.” — EGOL

“The single point that most impressed me was that he described that his team converted 75% of all the calls that came in.   75 freaking percent!” — earlpearl

“There are too many variables. There is an easy way to determine if your efforts are worth it or not and that’s to ask a different question.” — Grumpus

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy All The Holidays

Welcome to the December Cre8tive Way newsletter. Stop by if you haven’t been to visit lately.
– Kim Krause Berg, Founder and Administrator

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Cre8tive Finds

Google, Bing, Search Engines
Bill Slawski Article on Google Quality Scores – Panda
“This patent is interesting because it provides a glimpse behind the Panda Update to give us an idea of what was happening to searchers instead of site owners, when they performed searches, and didn’t end up on the content farm sites that the Panda Update was supposed to divert them from. As the patent says, it “focuses upon improving search results by replacing low quality web sites with sites that have been identified as high-quality sites.” Read More →

Monetizing Your Website
Banner Ad Sales Questions
“Is tracking code still used?  How does the website owners track performance (or don’t they)? In your experience, what sizes are sought after the most? Rectangle, skyscraper, other? Placement recommendations?  Are there any mobile guidelines for banner ads?”
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Site Planning, Preparation & Running a Business
To Move, Or Not to Move, Domain
“This year I redeveloped the site, and now it’s doing much better. But it’s still on the same domain. I had the opportunity to pick up, so I’ve done so. Now, I need to work out if it’s better to move now, move later, or not move at all. Moving now gets it out of the way, but maybe loses me some domain authority and domain age SEO benefits – and this site has both.” Read More →

Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
The 10 Most Useful Twitter Tools and Chrome Extensions
With news of Vine’s demise recently announced, the question of the next big thing has been on everyone’s minds. What will Twitter come up with next? Will it turn a medium on its head in the way Vine’s little looping 6-second clips managed to do? Will it launch something incredible and life changing? It will be awhile before we can find out about their next move. But whatever happens, I… Read More →

Ebooks and Tools

pump-it-up-learn-how-to-increase-website-conversions-with-free-ebookHow to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
Learn More and Download

beginners-guide-to-seoNew: Basic 101
Beginner’s Guide to SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)
Learn More and Download

natural-website-conversionsThe Secret to Natural Website Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
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