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Changing Times

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Eu Slaps Google with $2.72 Billion USD Fine
“The European Union’s competition watchdog imposed a record 2.42-billion-euro ($2.72 billion) fine on technology giant Google, arguing that the company abused its dominance as a search engine by giving illegal advantage to its own shopping service.”

“And we have found that we can prove first that Google is a dominant company, and second that it has abused its dominance in the shopping comparison market.”

“Geez earlpearl and Glyn have been saying that like forever.” — bobbb

Thank you, Danny Sullivan, for everything. Danny Sullivan Shifting Gears

Welcome to the July Cre8tive Way newsletter.
– Kim Krause Berg, Founder and Administrator

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Cre8tive Finds

Search Engine Marketing
Did Buying Links Work?
“You can invest in Link building to increase your organic positions but it’s a hard one to prove/sell as a service (but it can be done) or you can invest in content building but most of the content has already been produced and by sites with infinitely more authority than yours.” Read More →

Favorite Tools, Themes & Plug-Ins
“Do you have a favorite workhorse tool, theme or plug-in you would like to share? Here’s your chance.” Read More →

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Dates in Serp’s – Good or Bad?
“I’ve only just noticed that Google is showing the date of my original article in its results. On one search I’m number 2, and the first thing written on the snippet is the date (2013). I’ve just spent a week totally rewriting this article so the date is misleading.” Read More →

Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
How to Market Your Knowledge and Integrate Content Creation with Outreach and Relationship Building
Your knowledge and experience is your biggest asset. That’s what defines your business and that’s what helps you stand out. How to effectively market your knowledge online? Of course, content marketing is the answer. But simply creating expert content is not going to be answer. You need to put it forward in front of niche influencers to spread the word. Here are 5 steps to marketing your knowledge online and… Read More →

Ebooks and Tools

pump-it-up-learn-how-to-increase-website-conversions-with-free-ebookHow to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
Learn More and Download

beginners-guide-to-seoNew: Basic 101
Beginner’s Guide to SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)
Learn More and Download

natural-website-conversionsThe Secret to Natural Website Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
Learn More and Download

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Our motto has always been, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

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