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Google IS the Internet

Featured Discussion
How Is Google Getting Away with Featured Snippets?

“I’m trying to find the backlash about featured snippets but I’m stunned to find nothing. If anything, people seem to be wanting to know how to become one? Basically, Google are giving users the answers to a substantial percentage of searches in such a way that you no longer need to visit the web site.”

“TSites have been ‘poaching’ facts from other sites since the beginning of the web. And Google is actually just another web site; granted one with an extraordinary reach.”

“To a lot of people Google is synonymous to and indistinguishable from the Internet. It is the Internet.”

Welcome to the October Cre8tive Way newsletter.
– Kim Krause Berg, Founder and Administrator

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Cre8tive Finds

Tech News
Danny Sullivan Hired by Google
“There is only upside here for webmasters.” Read More →

Search Marketing
Featured Snippets Do Get Clicked
“There’s always the “Short” and the “Long” answer to most questions. If the short answer rings true in the snippet, then the page would logically expound on that and give the long answer as well.” Read More →

Usability and Accessibility
Text Only News Sites …will They Inspire More?
“CNN and NPR launched text only versions of their sites to get the news. There are no ads, no images, no popups, no distractions of any type. They load fast.” Read More →

Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
5 Tips for a Winning Youtube Custom Video Thumbnail
YouTube is one of the most useful tools for content marketing. The problem is the high number of competing videos you have to stand out against. According to the site’s statistics, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute! You read that right… that is 6,000 in an hour, 144,000 hours in a day. Your best bet will always be building a consistent audience. But you still… Read More →

Ebooks and Tools

pump-it-up-learn-how-to-increase-website-conversions-with-free-ebookHow to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
Learn More and Download

beginners-guide-to-seoNew: Basic 101
Beginner’s Guide to SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)
Learn More and Download

natural-website-conversionsThe Secret to Natural Website Conversions
– Kim Krause Berg
Learn More and Download

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