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    Review My Site Please :-)

    I think you must add content in place of map and adjust the a smaller map in the bottom of the page. Also make sure your navigation of the home is proper. Each page of the website MUST be accessible from the home page. Add bread crumbs. I also found few broken links in the site, please fix it as well. Thanks
  2. Souravi

    Link Wheel

    Yes...according to me..Link Wheel is a great form of High PR Link building ( White Hat) The indexing of Link Wheels takes some time but they are worth it. You get some real good links from authority sites. But Link wheels are not confined to simple wheels of links. So we need be creative, thoughtful and intelligent enough to create different forms of Link Wheels for our site. I am into this for past 2-3 years
  3. Thanks Storyspinner for the Links
  4. Hi Monty auto, I do have experience with Article Marketing. I have been writing articles for last 10 mnths or so. Initially,my articles were not doing well.But gradually it stepped up. I will suggest you to be very specific about your articles and submit in to the specific article directories with higher page rank. Submitting articles to as many 500 articles directories are not at all harmful, but the point is which one does the se spiders picks up. keep submitting good, intriguing and informative article.Thats the key. Its my experience...rest is your decision..hope this helps...Thanks
  5. Thanks guys for your valuable comments
  6. Souravi

    My Yahoo Ranking Dropped After Using Google Code?

    Hi geeurbie, Well I consider thts happen more or less with every websites..like initially they have good rankings with all the major search engines but after few good days,it drops down like nothing.So i would advise you to stick with it, and in the mean time get some good inbound links for your site.Hope it will be ok then!
  7. Hi Tamar, Thankx for your help..It really helped ..Infact I do need your help in future with hany amount of questions..thanx anyways...
  8. Yes Jozian! I totally agree with you. Free press release are always very good. Igloo,I suggest you abide by the guidelines of PR and what Jozian said...Hope it will solve your problems..Thanks
  9. Hi SEOigloo, I agree with linkstraffic. You better contact PRleap for this. Please read the guidelines for writing PR. Do not ever over-emphasize any issue with your writing. And do not ever try to market in PR .Its against Press Release Guidelines. You writing should not smell as if you are advertising something raher than informing .I hope this link may help you to know Press Release better .Please follow the guidelines below for a good PR writing.Here it is : Press Release Tips
  10. Thanx guys for the wonderful topic. The link given by bragadocchio http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums/index.php?showforum=71helps us to know the topic. better .infact just few days ago I posted to know about Web2.0 .The suggestions were good but not good enough to satisfy we learners .Much more help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am also looking forward to know about Web2.0.Can anyone help me with the threads how Web2.0 helps in online Marketing?How an website would be benefitted out of using Web2.0?Searched in this forums but I am confused.... Any links to threads,Good articles and blogs would be appreciated.
  12. We know that Fresh contents can fetch more traffic for a site.The webpages get good and higher PR.is there anything else that proves good to the website due to frequent changes in the contents?
  13. Thanks for the reply.But still not clear with the topic....Another thing ....Like Are Fresh contents always do good for a site? I mean to say..are there any drawbacks of fresh contents?
  14. Hi All, I want to build an website .So I want good tutorials to know abt Web2.0 ? What are the elements needed to make the website a success(on the point of view of Web2.0) ?The others I know...So can anyone help me?