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  1. Sush

    Free Articles ?

    It would be best if you can write article by yourself or by your writer. Because no one knows better than you which subjects best suits your site theme.
  2. Me too. However like to point out few points. I have seen that key phrases “Commercial Magazine & Newspaper Printing” have no demand in the market, where as “Commercial Magazine” has very less amount of demand and “Newspaper Printing” is having high demand and competition as well. When you are searching for a perfect balance between your site content, title tag and targeted key phrases make sure you are using those keywords which visitors do search and carry precise meaning of your site. Moreover if it is an authority site, you will definitely enjoy the advantage. And in course of time you will attract quality links for your site. If the home page truly describe or provide information regarding "Commercial Magazine & Newspaper Printing" then you are bound to get good ranking result.
  3. Sush

    Yahoo Help Needed

    How to get better ranking in yahoo? I hard they give much importance on back links. How many back links required to get good ranking in yahoo. Any other factors which effects yahoo ranking. Please do let me know. Thanks
  4. Yea I have found many sites experiencing new PR values. Many known sites have experienced a diminishing PR value. What I feel that less updated pages or stagnant pages are suffering. They are also considering the link exchange factor. My site traffic affected badly since last few weeks. One of my client sites has completely out of the SERP. I am waiting to see a better result. Same here and only when PR is very important to handle your clients who know very little regarding SEO, except this green line.
  5. You can optimize your navigational structure so that a new visitor can get all the requisite information at a glance. Change the look and feel of the site. You can use your left and right panel to provide more information. Try to be precise and to the point. Guide your visitor, show them the path to crawl.
  6. Yes yahoo gives importance on on-page factors as well as on back links. For few keywords my site doing well in yahoo, though its not generating traffics much.
  7. That's really a good news Lori. Try to have some quality back links.
  8. Sush

    How To Rank Well In Msn?

    They do calculate backlinks. Also depends on META tags.
  9. Sush

    Google Valentine Logo

    Hehe :woohoo: ... I am truly romantic :flowers: as google said , as I had defined the green stem as the 'L' to one of my friend. She did consider that Google had misspelled its own name. I had shown her all the "Google Holiday Logos" where 'L' is always having the green color.
  10. Who cares that which font sizes you are providing. You can have 0 font size or negative size. Only think to be seen that what information you are providing to search engine bots and what information you are providing to your visitors? Do there any differences exist? If Yes then what your trying to hide from your eligible visitors and why? Why you have prepared something exclusively for non-human crawler. ARE YOU IN A MOOD OF SPAMMING?
  11. Sush

    Free Directories?

    you can have a look on directorycritic.com I think this can help you.
  12. Sush

    Is Seo Necesary?

    Know your market and provide the relevant information which your customers are searching for. Make a user friendly site and see the effects which you can get from SE's. Oh! don't forget to optimize your title tag.
  13. An outsider is always an outsider though we do outsourcing when it is reallly helpful for the business. However I always prefer to have my own resources to get the best results. From SEO to designing I always like to maintain a continous flow between all the tasks. So that involved person can realize how their contribution is related with the total project. SEO is not enough without a good design and clean coding for a site as well as SEM can not run alone without satisfying your visitors. Therefore you need to be well informed and provide relevant information to your visitors. So at the end of the process you can not deny the importance of content writer or a creative communicator.