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  1. I have a few sites branded sub-sites to my core business site, and one of them used to come up at page one of google searches #3,#4 for my name search for years, and now has disappeared. Any idea why, and what I could do to bring it back? The site is still active and gets same traffic as always.
  2. There was web position gold 100 years ago, (and maybe even still?), and people came to despise it correct? You can get penalized by Google etc, and it was overpriced, and clunky. But I have to say, I'm having an apprentice to manual searches, and even though it's not costing me anything, it will take a month or two. Is there anything someone might highly recommend?
  3. Ok Earl, So I guess if I need to see adwords I'll do those suggestions as Google is doing what it wants as you say.
  4. Thanks Eal and Glyn. Well before I dive into these tedious workarounds, I have to say, I'm not sure this is so important to bother... It's nice to see who is advertising when I do my NY seraches, but not so critical for now that I will do all that... But FIRST: What is going on? Am I wrong? Did not is used to be when you searched another city you saw the adwords of that other city? That's what I remember until the last month.
  5. I'm in LA. I used to type in searches for NY and see accurate listing for adwords rankings. Now only local LA listings for my NY searches.
  6. Does not work I am lost. I don't want a blank page, I want my homepage with Google as homepage, this is fine now excpet for new tab pages. and I still get that annyoing grid sometimes.
  7. Thanks Bob, just tested again. When I open a new page into it's own window that new page is perfect, goes to Googles home page. If I do the same with a tab, I get the annyoying 9 recent places I've been. I do see the grid symbol, but when I click that I get no grid, but no Google homepage either, so still stuck.
  8. I just the + symbol for tab, the grid is not images, suggestions about past searches, so still need help on thiese questions.
  9. I'm traveling and need help two things. Facebook business page no longer see the admin panel button offered to hide and show it. Is it somethwere else now? With Google I click for a new tab and either get a blank page or a page with a grid of thumbnails. I just want a new page with goole search , normal. thanks!
  10. Fixed it, was accidentally putting my company name in the field. thanks!
  11. New weird thing. I cannot get direction now. Google says Did you mean...puts an old business adress and then I can't use maps, no yes, or no. Anyone have any idea how to solve this? thanks.
  12. Kim, those mags seem very busy/ general. Can I get a copy at Barnes and Noble? Actually interested in a mag that is dedicated to just SEO and another to Social Media
  13. Got the answer today, from my seo consultant: Firefox, web developer extension, information, displaly link details. Chuck send me a normal email, Your "regular" name is slipping my older brain right now and I want to keep in touch. Also, if you have any marketing books that my library might have on CD I'ld love to know. I'd listen in the car. Is there a great social media print mag?
  14. thanks Chuck! I need to call you soon, my blog is close to getting going. But still no one understand my post. Maybe you can call me sometime: I cannot cut and past a link somewhere. I give on on explaining this on a thread. I'm bookmarking all those, but I would love a print mag for SEO and Social Media I could read old fashioned print wise in my hand.