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  1. Yes, Jill... I will be contributing the whole ecclectic mess of background and seasoning I have emassed over a very complex and busy life. All that I know I pass along to anyone who can benefit from it. Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. Judi
  2. Thank you, Jill. It's a very sad day for me when I have to admit that I have no entrepreneurial vision and skills at all and that I have a lot of other really good skills but no ability to get them to the marketplace. I'm going back into a world which I understand very well, but I dislike it intensely, thus the sadness I feel. Catch you all later..... Judi :cry:
  3. Hi, Tom... Sorry I confused you. Yes, I agree that writing-only without body language, etc. makes it impossible to understand what another person means in the communication process. I have learned that the hard way myself. I will explain what I mean and why I answered as I have. Today is a landmark day and I just came back from completing the paperwork to be hired as an Addiction Professional working for a mental health agency with the substance abuse addicts in the local prisons. That takes me back to one of my older professions of counseling and clinical psychology. There is one reason for that: I am a real zero at Marketing and I have been unable to successfully sell my services as a web developer/graphic artist/writer. I did fairly well from when I set my business up in 1994 until 2000 when an auto accident and then getting left out of the Yellow Pages just totally wiped out my business. It took me a long time to build it and my lack of marketing skills kept me from re-building it after that disaster. So, I pretty well meant that I won't be trying to earn a living as a "copy writer" or a web developer or graphic artist anymore. I am very, very sad about this as I really love these pursuits and hate going back to the bureaucratic systems where I used to work before. I call it a defeat..... If my sad tone came through my words, this is the reason... Sorry if it upset you. I know you are a marketing person. Unfortunately, I am not.....I had to cave in as a result... Have to race out now as I have a student to teach and then training for the new job will start Monday. Good luck all... Sorry I was not clear. Hope this straightens it out.... Judi
  4. High, Tom ! ......more than Marketing... That's for sure. If I could market myself, I would probably have a lot more SEO writing to do. With more practice in writing, maybe my sprelling would improve...That is to say, that I could become a better spreller.... Now all I need is to lirn more about Marketing..... Have a great day... Judi aka Spreller Deluxe :shock:
  5. I'll meet your and raze you one The one reely good thing about me is I can reely, reely splell... Just drop me a line at: Splell Cheekers R Us: jstifel@bellsouth.net Oh, and no that I work for cholcolate and...... Judi aka Mizz Malaprop
  6. I love that you love that! The thing about me is that my train doesn't fall off the track until *AFTER* I'm finished and rewarded myself with whatever falls outa the fridge (please, God, let there be chocolate in there..), so if you need a finisher-upper, and you have some chocolate, just drop me a line and I'll..... TeeHee.... Judi
  7. Thanks John.... Another tip which I have always found helpful to students and professionals alike, and which really will make a huge difference in how you come across, is to.... Judi
  8. Ummmm, JimZim.... I get swimmy-headed when a guy in a mask comes into my house, via computer screen or my balcony.... so....sigh... I can only say, "thank you...thank you very much (like Elvis, of course). Ummmm....'nother thing... of course, you masked-men really like to tease the girls doncha.... Wink, wink... I do know that I can't drive a nail with a screwdriver.... Just keep it for scru...win..... Kinda think of each program as a major set of tools, a toolbox of sorts, with all kinds of tools inside. I guess Front Page could be a set of "hammers" and PhotoShop could be a set of "screwdrivers and wrenches." Thats kinda how I teach my students about what programs are all about. I figure that you wanted to see if you could catch me napping while you were leaping over that stone wall on my balcony. Well, I was just making believe I was napping so you wouldn't know I was watchin'... teee heee.... Thanks for the fine compliment.... ;-) Oh, BTW... I am a "purist" in everything I do, so no need to apologize for reading me so right.... :-) Thanks for tellin' me about Microsoft's Visual Studio 6.0. I didn't know what it was. Been too busy in other areas these days pushing too many envelopes. When I was teaching PC stuff and being a DeskTop Publisher, I HAD to keep up with all the latest programs. Now I just use what feels good in my hands.... I wouldn't mind getting out from under the Front Page prejudice as it's pretty well killed any chance of networking.... which is a BAD thing for me. (JZ: hope you don't mind the little tease. I am very lonely and depressed these days... and unloved... and the little attention went a long way to revive me. (((Hugs))) ) Enigma, The parts of me still needing warm fuzzies after JZ played his kindness light all over me, you have certainly managed to nurture.... It's a very hard time of year for orphans and a little kindness goes a VERY long way..... thanks so much (((Hugs to the special person who makes a caring statement to the world.))) I taught myself how to do Access programming and began to work with someone via the Internet and it was great while it lasted.... Phil, I used to hand code. As n artist, which is how I regard myself more than anything else, needs to see the canvas to get inspired to move from one inspiration to the next. An engineer needs to work on the wire frame below. Being center-trained, I function in both capacities, which is why UI is so vitally important to me. However, I am still the "artist," first and foremost so I need the canvas in front of me. I don't think an engineer can see that so I won't try to advance my point beyond this. It's really the difference between "Art" and "Science." Luckily for me, I can see both sides... but my heart is in "Art" always. If anyone wants to see how far I can go with FP as a tool, see my site at www.lloydslimited.com before the guy who has pushed me out because he has offered to be "cheap" takes it over and messes it up. Where is "customer loyalty" these days anyway????? Judi (looking forward to the traditional peanut and jelly on crackers for Christmas dinner sitting Indian-fashion in the middle of her bed watching "A Christmas Story" again.....)
  9. Hello, All! Now, here is a subject I have learned to stay away from, but I'm feeling feisty this morning, so what the heck.... I opened my business as a Desktop Publisher/Bitmap Graphic Artist/ Writer in 1994 and adopted Adobe products as my very first tools. When I began handcoding to do web sites the following year, I got excited when Hot Dog came out, but was pacing back and forth for Adobe to finally put GoLive out for PC as they had for Mac. Had they gotten it out before M$ came out with Front Page, I would probably never have put Front Page in my toolbox and kept it as my favorite authoring program. So, I use PageMaker for layout, PhotoShop for graphics, Image Ready for rollovers and slicing, Web Razor for optimizing, and some miscellaneous others, and I still hold onto Front Page 98 (also 2000 sometimes) for an authoring *TOOL*. One thing which I have discovered, as both a professional developer and trainer, is that all software programs are strictly "TOOLS." What tool one uses to accomplish the "very same thing" is a moot point if the end result is the same. Whether my hammer and screwdriver are made my Ace Hardware, QuickSet, or Sears makes no difference as they do the job I need them to do. I can pound a nail in with any of them. But, even though I, personally hate M$, right along with the rest of the world which despises abusive power and greed, the authoring program they have created happens to suit my needs perfectly and I refuse to give it up. However, I am aware that it subjects me to massive prejudice and that there is work which could come to me if I did give it up...yet I refuse. Since my aesthetic eye determines the program, and I am an artist painting on my canvas as I go along, I NEED to have a WYSIWYG program because I don't know what I will do next until I am inspired by what I see before me. Handcoding would cut out the only path to my inspiration. Non-graphics people don't realize that some of us have nothing but the germ of an idea when we first start and don't have a drawing in our head which we will then put into tangible form. I need to have before me what is currenly tangible and then have my next move come through inspiration. I don't see the logic behind handcoding anyway as it is going back to chiselling into a stone tablet instead of writing with pen and paper as far as I am concerned. I don't use any tricks, drag'n drop, shortcuts, wizards, etc. in any programs, preferring always to do things manually where I can control them. So, the prejudice I suffer at the hands of those to hate Front Page and all uses of same, is irrational from my stand point since I do excellent work, but find my program of choice a great barrier in my efforts to network to find work. Yes, I am somewhat bitter, if anyone is picking up on that tone. I would hold my coding up to anyone's and there is no problem expressed even by the experts on the coding behind my pages. When other programs for authoring allow me to work directly on the server, maybe I will consider switching. That's where I like to work. I like to make things happen instantly and allow clients to watch as continually as they wish while I am working on their projects. There is no program which I am aware of which will permit that. I can't imagine doing a lot of work on a site and having the client say they don't like it and then having to tear it all down. Then what? Do you then charge them if they hate it? Do you eat the work? If they can watch every minute, you always know where you are. And I have given my files to other designers and they can simply open them in their program and save them to their format... No problems. So, I stand by my decision to stay with the program which is the "tool" which works well to suit my needs. Front Page got a bad rap when M$ claimed that anyone could do their own web sites. Of course, it turned out to be untrue, but it's not the fault of the program. However, now Front Page is the program everyone loves to hate...and that generally includes those of us who use it and we are presumed to be "NOT" professionals. Well, my dad chose to practice under his D.O. degree instead of his M.D. degree so I am no stranger to political prejudice... My tools do what they are supposed to do. It's my brain which drives them. It's inside my brain where the work is done. If I find a hammer I like better, I may use it... if I can afford to buy it. Just my two cents..... Ummm... forgot inflation... Just my two dollars. Judi the Rebel Web Developer (who is doing a makeover as we speak since she never finished her last makeover of her site)... ;-)
  10. Carla... Caught me!! I guess I could have added that another part of good writing could be tongue-in-check humor... Ummm.. Did I say "check?" I meant "cheek!" LOL Have a grate day..... tee hee.... Judi ;-) PS: I am feeling a bit pun-knee today.. :-)
  11. Judi

    Rotating Banner in CMS

    Jacques: Welcome. I am acknowledging your request for assistance. I am unable to answer your question, but I have forwarded to someone who I hope will be able to handle it. Judi
  12. Judi

    Image Problem

    Call me a perfectionist and you will be correct. I make absolutely certain that every element on a web page is sized exactly as I need it *before* it goes on the page. I would never consider using my authoring program tools to make any permanent changes to graphics. What I *will* do is resize a too-large graphic using the tool in the program. Then I will look at the image properties to determine the new size and go back to PhotoShop to resize the original graphic and upload it to the site to replace the larger one. I believe that in order to have as much control as possible over how a page will render in all appropriate browsers, using manual techniques is often much better then using shortcuts in the program. Frankly, I never use shortcuts. But, I also have been a trainer for many years and I never allow myself to use shortcuts so I don't accidentally use them with students. Judi
  13. Hi, Bill! It's always fun to talk to you, but I am here for the unsanitary purpose of trying to "pick" your brains... as mine seem less than satisfactory at the moment. LOL Maybe 5 years ago or so, I was attempting to put together a web site for a company which my best friend manages and which would have done extraordinarily well on the Web. The owner of the company was so totally ignorant about the web and what a web site was, that I registered the domain, had it set up and put about 100 hours into creating a rudimentary web site so I could give him a total visual of the web store I was proposing for him and had it on the actual server so I could show him how the public would find him. I was offering to create the site for no fees to him if he would pay the hosting fee and the price for the shopping cart program. Instead I would take a percent of the profits per item sold on the site. It was a wonderful deal for him because he couldn't lose. I had created his hard-copy catalog and I knew his products and his operation very well. Even having him sitting down at the computer looking at the site, I was unable to get him to understand what he was seeing and I made no headway. Finally his son and daughter-in-law, who are his business partners, got on the Internet and began to see and use web sites so I tried to convey to them that I suggested the web site and I had one ready to go. Truly you would not believe the lack of intellect here, regardless of the web. They still had no idea of what I was talking about. I have held the promo site on my web site and held the registration for the domain figuring that eventually they would either get the idea and we would go with it, or they would sell the business and I would approach the new owner and offer them the same deal of setting up the site for no fees and then splitting the "profits" in each sale on the site, which is a no-lose situation for them. Well, today I got a rather hostile phone call from a fellow in North Carolina (this company and I are both in Florida) who owns a hosting service and it seems that a family friend who is a programmer has offered to create "Free" a web site for them as she wants to play around on her first effort to do a web site. They are a multi-million dollar western wear company who travels on the fair circuit and they have a very large following of customers who wait every year for them to arrive so they can buy from them. And their customers have been asking them for years to provide a web site so they can purchase during the year. But this programmer is not going to put any kind of e-commerce capability on the site nor will she be able to do the graphics which will be required for a catalog/e-commerce site. So, I can't see that the site will be of any value to them either. The guy who called me today was asked to register the domain for her and discovered that I own it. He began by threatening me with prosecution for "hostile takeover," is the way I think he said it, if I don't turn it over to them. YIKES!! I remember when people were buying names and selling them back to the people who had the rights to use them and I remember that there was some kind of law change a couple of years ago which said that if the company has a registered trademark for the name, no one else can register it. I checked with State of Florida and Federal and could not find a trademark for them. They are a corporation in the State of Florida, however. Can you tell me what rights I may have relative to my ownership of this domain? If I have the legal rights to it, is there anyway that I could find out what would be a fair price to ask? Also, the other versions of the URL are still available: net, biz, etc. I only purchased the .com version so they could use any other others if they wish. Well, Bill, you knew the day would have to come that I would prevail up you for legal advice... Now what I want to know is how do I pay your fees... 2.5 graphics per sentence? :-) Thanks... I sure hope I have legal rights and that they will buy. I bet they won't buy anyway..... AW Shucks!!! Judi
  14. Judi

    Copyright / Trademark questions.

    Hi, FantasticMoms, I have answered those questions a few times in recent years but the answers keep falling out of my head, so I am going to insert the links to the appropriate pages and you can look in "the horse's mouth" yourself: For Trademark: http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/tac/doc/basic/ For Copyright: http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ1.html It's interesting that it seems in England they use the expression "Let your fingers do the walking," when it's identified here in the U.S. with the "Real Yellow Pages." But, the "Yellow Pages" neglected to get a trademark so they lost the exclusive right to use both of these expressions. Hope this helps. Judi
  15. Caissa, I am so happy that I was able to help. Been writing since I was 7 years old so I guess by now (I'm 112) I should have learned a thing or three.. The only problem that has ever been pointed out to me in my writing is that I don't ever seem to know when to stop..... Men seem to think it's a Venusian kind of thing... LOL As far as your javascript problem in NN is concerned, I don't have an answer for your problem. What I do is write only HTML from a basic authoring program using no tricks or shortcuts at all. I do everything manually but coding. I have forgotten how to hand code over the years. I create to NN 4.7 and if an element won't work there, I find some other way to do it. My goal is to make my sites work as close to exactly the same across all the browsers and AOL, too. I know this is a pain in the neck attitude, but if I create an element and it looks one way in NN and another in IE, I don't use it. I actually had a client one time sitting at his desk with two computers, four service providers (including AOL back when it was really crappy) and if anything was not identical, he was prepared to complain. He never had a complaint. I take pride in that, but that is very basic, no bells and whistles kind of development. I put it all into the look and feel and UI and graphics. I have never used javascript except when constructing rollover elements. Sorry, I don't have a real answer for you. Ammon, It'a about all I can do now not to go to the frige and pull out that steak I put in the freezer not more than half an hour ago. Now you have me drooling... You "sold" a little too much "sizzle" to me for this late hour. LOL Excellent points. I love your elaborations... and the yummy steak.. and the auto industry really does provide an excellent example.. YOu are right on for sure... Have a great week everyone... Judi