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  1. In case you missed her farewell post... I still remember the first time I met Rae, at a conference. I knew of her, but didn't know what she looked like. She called me over for intro's. I think it was in NY, at an SES, because I remember the bar. She is the toughest woman I've ever met. She either likes and respects you, or she does not. I never knew for sure where I stood in that regard, but over the years I learned a lot from her. When she introduced Genesis, the WP theme, she wrote so well I went out and got it immediately. Her writings were superb. In her farewell post she shares her ride. It was rocky, sad, heroic. I felt a kinship with her because she started out in the biz as a single mom, and so did I. We both overcame a lot but I always felt she was the "take no prisoners" one and I was "walk all over me". She had the confidence I swore I didn't. To see her move on to something that makes her happy is well deserved. PEACE OUT TO MY DIGITAL MARKETING CAREER – IT’S BEEN ONE HELL OF A RIDE
  2. I'm in discussions with the owner of a large local website built on Drupal and abandoned, leaving them with no upgrades, maintenance, support, etc. They need to rebuild it and Drupal is now open source, but finding experienced Drupal people willing to help a non-profit has been a dead end. I am pitching a local government site too, where it is ancient and literally breaking apart. It is a hand coded html site with frames, not maintained, etc. I want to go with WordPress but am really not sure if that is the correct course for the long term. These situations have me pondering the future and what platforms are going to be a good bet. Any thoughts?
  3. I've seen this before and it made me chuckle. The one designated as user experience is for specific user types. It's not accessible for folks in wheelchairs for example. It's interesting to see how the dirt one keeps on going farther up. Nobody seems to want to take their time to get to the destination. Kinda like websites. heh
  4. Long time member Marie Haynes writes about the latest changes in Google Algorithm update March 9, 2018 .
  5. Blog, Calendar, Clubs Oh My!

    Cre8asiteforums is a well managed, spam free community of wise folks who have created a space for people who insist on doing reputable work. Long time members are awarded the freedom to not only link freely and have sigs with several lines, but they are allowed to use the clubs, calendar and blog for free, when they want. Loyalty has its priv's.
  6. Pubcon Las Vegas

    Pubcon Las Vegas 2018 Pubcon, the premier social media and search engine optimization conference, will hold its multi-track and expo event on October 16 – 18, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the South Halls.
  7. Pubcon Florida 2018

    Our expanded Pubcon Florida conference, taking place April 10-12th, is offering many sessions on SEO that will offer the nitty-gritty details you need to succeed in 2018. Florida Pubcon Info Fort Lauderdale, Florida Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center


  10. The Clubs Directory offered here to Members may provide you with an opportunity to do your thing. You can add to the Freelancer club to promote your gig(s) or start your own place. Free.
  11. I want to make sure I'm correct here... I'm testing forms for a company that claims to service North America but the forms are designed only for the USA, not Canada. Canada is part of the North America, right?
  12. I bring sad news... Some terrible personal news
  13. Google a Flutter

    WMW discusses - Google's New Flutter Mobile UI Framework SDK is Now Released in Beta
  14. I have great respect for Pete and love a good article that digs deep. With this latest from him he explores much of what this particular community here at Cre8 often discuss, and that's the rise of Google and fall of businesses that trust them. Google's Walled Garden: Are We Being Pushed Out of Our Own Digital Backyards?
  15. Thank you. I keep experimenting with them because of mobile and I really dislike them but they are necessary, at least until I become a wealthy woman!