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  1. Thanks to everyone for your insights. I really was confounded when I saw the pages and how many links they contained. They are intended to do what Stock described, which is to present a lot of topics and when a user finds one, they click and go. From a SEO perspective, I was simply perplexed. From a UX one, concerned because of the length of pages, number of links, navigation and IA structural issues and conversions side of things. There is one main CTA located at the very top of the page to a free download. Since it appears on most of the other pages, it is likely ignored and seen as a distraction when faced with so many embedded text links to information. A user on a mission need only to scan, find and go. The pages are not designed to help with scanning but that's another UX hit. The pages that go off-site without any warning are trouble. The majority of page links go somewhere inside the site, but the URL structure and breadcrumb navigation do not follow along logically. There is no way back other than using the browser back button and that's a UX no no. With so many links on the page, the user knows there is more info to be mined there but if they leave there is no promise of returning without the potential of clicking extra pages to find their way back and then reorient themselves to where they were. For mobile, the situation is incredibly difficult because not only are the pages long with so many links but there is a sidebar with more links. Yes, people will scroll but only if there is a promise of finding what they need. If there are distractions along the way, they may get sidetracked and what happens after that is anyone's guess. From a UX perspective, guessing is bad. The design should be based on target user behavior and knowing how to keep them on the page/site. I just couldn't fathom so many links
  2. Ok...I got the link count. There are 329 internal links and 37 outbound links. On one page.
  3. Wow. So I'll leave what I'm looking at (a few pages with about 60 links inside that go to pages inside the website) to the SEO. From a user experience perspective it is mind boggling to see them all and scroll forever and see more. They are inserted to instruct. The pain point from my side of the mountain is that once the user clicks on one of the links, there is no navigation assistance back other than the browser back button. The breadcrumb is tracking categories and the URL doesn't include either the category or the previous location from where they came. It reminds me of the old days when the standard practice was putting every link to everywhere on the homepage.
  4. How many links are allowed on one web page? Is there a limit? I'm referring to links that take users to other pages within the website rather than off site. Is there a tool that counts how many links are on each page and even better, displays each URL?
  5. After expanding their character count, now Twitter is starting discussion threads. Info and demo here...Nice Threads
  6. On the day that these forums were restored and up and running after being moved to a new server and the software upgraded, I was next in the succession of folks to be recognized by Barry's series. Kim Krause Berg - The Search Community Honors You Today, Ammon Johns, who for years was a co-Admin here at the forums (along with Bill Slawski), is being recognized for his contributions to the SEO industry. Ammon Johns - The Search Community Honors You Me and Germaniac, my buddy.
  7. To get removed they want a drivers ID and notary? Time to talk to a lawyer.
  8. Ok, puzzle this one out. We moved from one house to another. Same town. About 5 miles apart. Had Verizon FIOS shut down in old residence and turned on at new one (so that I'm always here you all...of course.) Since the package comes with a landline hook up, we decided to go with it after not having a landline, we would get that hooked up. They gave us a new phone number. I don't have a phone for it yet. Did not use the FAX machine. In fact, the first time I actually LOOKED at the phone number, written on a piece of paper, was yesterday. We moved to a farm and if you know how some of them work, the landline phone will ring outside in the barn and property when a call comes in, because folks are outside in the barn, etc. This was before cell phones. The farm we moved into has an outdoor ringer. And it rings. It rang so much yesterday that we wondered who had the phone number before it came to us. When we looked it up, Google says it belongs to me. The phone is Eric's name, not mine. (Husband) And, Discoverthem.com also displays my previous addresses, emails (including test ones from years ago that I forgot about), and the address and phone number of his ex-wife. So, somehow a database got that phone number and matched it to me and Eric's ex-wife. He is the account holder and his info is not there. It shows everywhere I have lived since 2004. We are really creeped out by this.
  9. I am buying them back. Once the paper work is done and we deal with the technical parts I will have more details.
  10. If you love smart writing from a really smart man, Avinash Kaushik from Google is a good choice. I was fortunate to have met him at Google years ago and though he most likely doesn't remember me, it was a day I'll never forget. Anyway. He loves AI and ML and futuristic stuff. He shared something he wrote his kids about it. They are probably smart like him. Most of it goes over my head but you all here are brilliant and may like this.
  11. Code named "tipton", the latest version of WordPress has some improvements. WordPress 4.9 Released with Major Improvements to Customizer Workflow, Updated Code Editors, and New Core Gallery Widgethttps://wptavern.com/wordpress-4-9-released-with-major-improvements-to-customizer-workflow-updated-code-editors-and-new-core-gallery-widget Screenshots and info in the article.
  12. There were plans back then for all the forums. I was never told the full extent of them. Jim has been very flexible with regards to these forums. Give us a few weeks...we are working out what to do next.
  13. I've never understood how content marketers churned out articles on every topic under the sun without any personal experience with the topic. Some of them seem to be good at it. I can't do it. I need to know what the heck I'm talking about when I write about a topic.
  14. I'm in talks with Jim. I think things will work out for these forums but since nothing is finalized, I'll hold off with the details.