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  1. I love clean CSS based websites, we do very well in this area by providing clients good quality SEO compliant CSS sites with a full database functionality for around $1000. Some people however prefer to pay $100 so they are limited
  2. Sas I don't have the 3 hours it would take to read all this thread, all I will add is you are well on track with your fundamentals in regards to SEO. Try not to get too lost in the weeds at your stage. I am sure the advice here is well intended but you stated yourself you are new to this game. Having a system on a website that enables the user to adds unique content is a good idea as is finding ways to generate high scoring inbound links. Go with your own system, reading your post you will not go far wrong. My only other advice would be to avoid the use of hyphens in your domain. Incorporating a keyword is a good idea but not crucial, it will certainly not be the defining matter if yours or any site is successful.
  3. Advice Needed

    They are my terms not my hosts Anyway I would like to thank all the people who posted their advice and support, I am sure you can all appreciate when things like this happen they are not nice, however I can report the host has found a copy of my database, although it is 3 weeks old it is not a big issue, far better than none at all. Thank You Pete
  4. Advice Needed

    I will post the T & C later today As far as I was aware my designer and the host had backups, however like you said some of the fault is mine and I accept this. As it turns out the site was being backed up but not the database. What I find hard to take is: 1. The hosting company deleted the whole database by error, they denied this at first until my designer called them and the truth came out. 2. After making this mistake they did nothing apart from bury their heads in the sand 3. The host is not a small company, they must understand how much pain this error has caused, their customer service department has simply ignored the matter. I was under the impression that no one could come close to matching the shambles of Dells customer service department, I was wrong. 4. What kind of disaster recovery process does this company have if one mistake means everything has gone? I am well aware that mistakes happen, it is only natural, however to treat a client this way simply gets my back up, this will simply make me more determined to pursue the matter, even legally. I did not sign up for their services online, I did it by telephone, I received no email when I started using the service, does this mean their terms are invalid? In regards to getting their backs up, that is of no concern of mine, they have treated me in a dreadful manner, they admitted they messed up and then all my subsequent emails have been ignored, I am sure 500 posts on every forum plus informing many of their existing customers will get their backs up, one thing is for sure, the issue will not just be dropped.
  5. Advice Needed

    Temper got the better of me this afternoon, this resulted in me firing this email off 4 Days ago my database was deleted by someone at your company, resulting in 6 months worth of work being wiped out. I am astonished I have received no correspondence at all on this matter, except some lame attempts at denial. This matter will certainly not be going away in a hurry, that you can be sure about. To that end I would like to see a copy of your disaster policy, as this and your terms and conditions will be handed to my solicitor at the end of the week. A full account of everything that transpired will also be passed onto any domain regulators you are affiliated to. This email may seem a little harsh however if you were in my position, I am sure you would feel exactly the same way
  6. Terms And Conditions

    Great post Brag, It appears there are still a lot of grey areas, the internet is not really geographically based with open trading, yet the laws that cover users are. It gives me a feeling they are making it up as they go along, rather than being more proactive about specific internet problems.
  7. Terms And Conditions

    Let me try and expand. Imagine if you ran an advertising portal and as such you are suppose to carry out quality checks on each submission. Somehow a pedophile lists as a childminder, would you not be at fault for not fully researching your submissions? I guess the way search engines get around this is they are free Still an interesting topic.
  8. Terms And Conditions

    Auto I feel the same way as you on this matter, I believe it is only time before search engines are taken to task for allowing businesses to trade illegally.
  9. Terms And Conditions

    I bet you could make a living out of using the services of an online provider, complaining about something or other, then threatening legal action on account they do not have any terms. Online businesses seem more concerned with googles green bar than displaying suitable terms, very strange.
  10. Terms And Conditions

    Are websites that offer services/products for money and do not display suitable terms and conditions break the law, and if so what laws?
  11. Seo Expert, Really!

    How wonderful, in a world like we live in today, how great it is to read something like that. Auto, I think you are missing the point slightly, It is not about people being experts or guru's, it is about people self proclaiming themselves to be experts and gurus in an attempt to give their online business more credibility.
  12. Advice Needed

    Thanks for the post Auto I checked Googles cache and archive.org, it was a none starter The amount I quoted was in regard to the directory links, I placed no value on the articles. They are not resellers and are linked to a professional organisation Not much else I can add other than wait out for a reply from the company and answer customers complaints when they realise the link they have paid for has disapeared. I will keep you posted. If I don't post for a few years, you will realise I lost my temper and took the matter into my own hands.
  13. Advice Needed

    Thanks for the advice EGOL it makes perfect sense. At this stage I am still angry about the matter, not because a mistake has occured, more the way I have been treated. I am happy to write a few articles on the matter, however I do not think I will try and make money from the issue, simply helping people would be rewarding enough for me. My business is nearly 1 year old, I have to say it has been interesting to say the least. Thanks EGOL Pete
  14. Seo Expert, Really!

    I will try my best to write a more constructive response Firstly 'we are good at seo' note I said good, not great or experts. Good is gauged from results on our clients sites, as well as the ranking our own site has. We out rank companies with multi-million pound marketing budgets. To that end I state our services as 'good' The point of this thread was to highlight the fact the internet has unvieled millions of experts in many fields, I used SEO as an example. A high perentage of internet based experts have no formal training, this has led to the term expert being grossly undervalued. When you compare this to business life away from the interent, you would not employ the services of a health and safety expert, that had no formal training. I also guess a person mascurading as an expert without qualification could find themselves in hot water in the unliklely event of an accident. I like the idea of checks made on internet service providers, people new to the internet believe the first page of a search engine is full of genuine trustworthy providers, we all know this is not the case. Pete
  15. Advice Needed

    Thanks Adrian, I am still looking into the matter of backups. Terms and conditions are wrote in a manner that makes fully understanding them very difficult. I fully appricate accidents happen, however to say the company have been unhelpful to this point would be an understatement. Also the databases were not set up properly, I believe they were linked to the wrong domains, this poor working practice led to the mistake. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply Pete