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  1. Joshua Sciarrino

    Partnership, Why Am I Getting Pdf's Instead Of .ai Or .psd Files?

    @Yura. I'll be sending you that movie via .gif okay.
  2. Joshua Sciarrino

    Partnership, Why Am I Getting Pdf's Instead Of .ai Or .psd Files?

    Err....I do web designs from start to finish... So, I know how to make graphics... They just have a bizarre/foreign system as to what I'm used to and have been trained to do (I was trained in all Adobe software by a local trade school, in the craft of Graphics and Web Design and online marketing tactics). Anywho, some of your responses seem...sarcastic against me. :pieinface: But after reading all these responses, it's clear I could import the PDF into Illustrator. Unless it's scanned. (I never knew Illustrator could do this, which is pretty cool and I'm glad I asked....) FYI, this is NOT a client... as the title of this thread says 'partnership'... I'm dealing with a partner, who is working for the client. (Like two company's working for one client... my company and the PDF company...) I just told him, if I can't get the layers, he needs to pay me an additional fee because I'll be recreating the graphics, which will tack on additional time. Thanks for all your feedback. I'll let you know what happens. Cheers. P.S. Text/Content for the entire website will be received later. So, that's not a concern at this stage...
  3. I have begun this contract/partnerhip with a company and they design the websites, I code and optimize them. For some very strange reason they send me a non design file (PDF) and say "code it". I'm honestly like WTF!!! Because PDF is for documents not designs... I've asked them repeatly for the .ai or .psd or whatever the design program that was used. But at least the master design file. So I can easily slice it and code it. I have no.......idea why they don't get the picture. Why are they sending me a PDF? Why????? Is there some bizarre Adobe program to design graphics or are they smoking crack? I knew going into the partnership they had little/no experience in web design. And I personally think they are outsourcing thing out to another country (not a big deal but makes me wonder...why!!!!the PDF, it just doesn't make sense...). What are your thoughts? I don't think the partnership is toxic, I honestly think they are okay, unpolished but okay.
  4. Joshua Sciarrino

    Ugc Calendar

    Does anyone have an idea on how to modify the phpcodeworks calendar to make it send email notifications for new event posts?
  5. HelpHive.com and now Zillow.com are charging for leads. In both stories, it seems consumers aren't liking a flip that both have committed. Both are masking phone numbers to monitor leads (to make sure the client genuinely gets a lead). http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/06/zillo...ders-retaliate/
  6. They aren't as slimy as I originally thought but it's pretty innovative and risky. A strictly performance based lead gen. But legally, it worries me. And not something I'd do until I hear the verdict of the case...
  7. Hmm. This website takes things a little too far. http://www.techflash.com/seattle/2009/11/p..._directory.html They harvest info and then mask the company's phone number. I strongly thing they (the directory) will lose the lawsuit because it's misleading for the consumer.
  8. Are there any websites to test a website in multiple browsers? I don't mean screen shots, I'm talking about testing AJAX, javascript, etc. Dynamic things that entail a client... Edit: Lol. If I clicked on all the links before I posted that. I might save myself time. http://crossbrowsertesting.com is the solution.
  9. Joshua Sciarrino

    Javascript Help

    It looks like we fixed things. (edit: removed link, issue is resolved) Although, I've seen some issues with it. I'd love some suggestions on how to polish up the jquery. (Again, we are trying to get the thumbnail gallery respond to the 'hover' action.)
  10. Joshua Sciarrino

    Javascript Help

    Ah. No. It's the thumbnail gallery that is the issue....... If you hover over the thumbnails, it illuminates the thumbnail but the client wants the large image to show up. Currently, if you click the thumbnail, the large image to the left shows up. The client wants you to "HOVER" and the large image to the left shows up. (edit; removed link, issue is resolved)
  11. Joshua Sciarrino

    Javascript Help

    Yea, I've literally changed it like 10 times since. But it doesn't work in FF on Mac. If it works in IE, that a HUGE step towards our goal. I changed all [four] .click to .mouseover.
  12. Joshua Sciarrino

    Javascript Help

    I used an open source gallery script but...the client wants 'onhover' action and NOT the current 'onclick' action. I'm pretty stressed cause I thought changing line 202 and 453 from 'click' to 'hover' would work.....but it breaks the layout. Here's the example (edit: removed link, issue is resolved) P.S. The issue is the thumbnail gallery needs to react to a 'hover' action.
  13. Just in case something was missed. But I had this idea for multiple website, with multiple purposes. One for lead gen SEO, one for just focused visitors, etc. Don't worry guys. I'll be keeping my pants. If someone decides I've crossed a line, I'll take a few steps back and stop doing what they don't like... lol but I do thank you all for your wisdom and responses.
  14. Ah. Well, this isn't for my web company. I have other web properties (that I partner with a friend, who gave me this idea) where this will work (but probably not in the lead gen format). I'm just thinking of different ways to use the main idea of "ranking for company names". Basically, walking the line but not crossing it. I was just going to go with it (easier to ask for forgiveness than permission) until I decided it would be best to ask...cause I thought I heard certain lawsuits because of the SERPs... Anywho. Thanks for the feedback. I'm still looking for those lawsuit links...but still thanks for the feedback.
  15. Crap. Well how about a plan b. I think it's a nice tactic. But maybe not for lead gen. (can u link drop for those lawsuits...thx) maybe use it as a way to promote their biz and to get their attention (like a different way to get clients...) say "look we rank for your name and we can help ur biz rank for other terms" I know there are plenty of other ways to promote ones SEO services but I like the original idea but maybe should try a different tactic but still target their brands (being positive of course).