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  1. Personally I'd go with one domain with the different cities within the home pages content and else where where appreciate and maybe create sub pages for the different cities if relevant.
  2. Google use to use dmoz as the google directory only difference was google sorted the sites by rank, then google shut it down, it was a great tool for different uses at the time.
  3. Tell her your plate is full and you can't give the site the time that's needed. Which would be a dis-service to her.
  4. I use the 20's (defaults) and add what apps I need. agree with Grump on: The main thing to avoid is themes that try to do everything
  5. I got one a few weeks ago and it's what EGOL said, they are trying to get me to buy other extensions. https://domainnamescam.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/the-scam/
  6. test-ok

    Wordpress Google Analytics Code Placement

    here's a plugin if you haven't seen it yet. https://wordpress.org/plugins/ga-google-analytics/
  7. I too have never heard of it. The owner owns the site, and should have all admin log-in's, if the customer/owner goes in and messes with the code and can't fix it, you charge them to fix it, they'll get tired of paying it after a while. But it's like the owner of a house can only use the kitchen and living room.
  8. I would have liked to view that, Kim..hint, next time could you offer up the date as well at the time? for us old folks who don't pay attention to light colored posted date.
  9. I agree with EGOL how can you prove it was an issue even if it was.
  10. I use a big a$$ monitor...don't know what size it is..it's like a TV. I just can't deal with lap tops.
  11. I record tv shows so I don't have to watch the advertisements...same with web sites, not that I record them but I'm not there to see ad's
  12. I'd post the name of the spammers/company, thats one deterrent that helps fight spamming.
  13. test-ok

    Google: Do !no Evil

    You expected different
  14. This might help. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/94522?hl=en